Exclusive 1-hour Group Personal Training Workout!


Hybrid cardio and resistance training!


Live heart rate monitoring to track your performance in real time!


Carefully designed schedule for optimum recovery and performance!


Certified coaches to help you push your limits safely and effectively!


Proven to burn 1000+ calories in every class!


Improve Stamina, Speed & Strength - become the complete athlete!


The latest music to keep you motivated throughout every BLITZ class!





This is what peak performance looks like! With your 12+ minutes in the red and orange zone, keep burning calories even after your workout has ended and feel the AFTERBURN! 


Change settings instantly with top-of-the-range, market-leading MATRIX treadmills equipped with QuickTouch buttons and innovative FlexDeck technology so you can make every stride count. 


Hustle for that muscle! Our BLITZ Bench comes with fully integrated dumbbells from 2.5 - 20KG. It's the most dynamic part of a BLITZ workout as we can program literally hundreds of different resistance exercises to work muscles you never knew existed.



Let the bodies hit the FLOOR! Test your mettle on our FUNCTIONAL FLOOR with the latest Kettlebell, Slam ball, and Power Bag exercises plus a wide variety of bodyweight movements to get your heart racing!



Our BLITZ studios are fitted with the latest FitMetrix performance monitoring technology, enabling real time tracking of calories burned, heart rate and effort levels throughout every BLITZ class!


Your personalised data can be live-streamed to our BLITZ TV screens so you can compete with others or just see how hard you are working.  All of your BLITZ class performance data will be viewable through the GymNation app and in a customised email sent to you right after your BLITZ class is finished.


BLITZ heart rate monitors can be purchased from GymNation vending machines and our technology also seamlessly integrates with most other ANT+ compatible devices from leading brands such as MyZone, Garmin, Polar, and Micoach.


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What is the BLITZ Transformation Challenge?

The Transformation Challenge is a 60 day challenge inviting BLITZ members to transform their bodies. Those who have the greatest change in body fat loss and lean muscle gain are eligible to win. Participants must complete a minimum of 3 BLITZ workouts a week, (21 workouts) over the challenge duration.


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How many times should I come?

We encourage BLITZ members to come as much as possible over the 60 day challenge to be eligible to win the prize. Participants are required to complete a minimum of 21 BLITZ workouts.


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What can I expect from this challenge?

Participating BLITZ members will receive a detailed IN-BODY body composition scan prior to the challenge start date. In addition you will join The Blitz Transformation Challenge Whatsapp community group where you will receive daily coaching tools on nutrition and recovery to help you optimise the best results over the 60 days. 

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I have injuries, can I still do the workout?

All of the BLITZ workouts are designed to cater to everybody. If you have an injury, always let your coach know so they can provide you with some safe alternative exercise options. We also have low impact Power Walker options to get you through every workout feeling successful, if you do not wish to jog or run, 

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How early should I arrive to my first BLITZ class?

Make sure you turn up 30 minutes prior to the start of your FIRST BLITZ class. You will need to make sure you are booked into the class through the GymNation App - available for download from the App Store or the Google Play Store.


We will set you up with a Heart Rate Monitor synced up to the FitMetrix system and ensure our BLITZ coach gives you an induction to the treadmills and what to expect in your first workout.

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