Body Pump in Dubai

Body Pump is a barbell-based workout that is specifically designed to help you get fit, lean and toned. Improving your fitness and toning muscles increases your metabolism. This can help you to continue burning calories long after the class has finished. 

How to calculate your BMI

Our BMI Calculators and BMR Calculators are some of the most popular pages on the GymNation website! Find out on this blog post what they both mean and why you should be using them today


Dubai CrossFit Championship

The Dubai CrossFit Championship is an epic, four-day festival of all things CrossFit. It all revolves around a four-day CrossFit sanctioned competition that pits some of the world’s fittest people against one another in a series of grueling challenges in Dubai, UAE.

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Dubai Muscle Show 2021

Want to find out more about The Middle East's biggest fitness shows? Dubai Muscle Show and Dubai Active Show set the standard, find out why GymNation Gym memberships love these shows in our latest fitness blog here.


Dubai Personal Trainers

Personal trainers in Dubai are always worth the investment- take it from me, a Dubai personal trainer with a decade’s worth of experience. They will help you to work out the goals you want, to achieve them, and to do so quickly, efficiently, and, hopefully, in as enjoyable a way as possible.


CrossFit: What is it?

If you’re not into CrossFit training, it is nevertheless still quite likely that you’ve crossed paths with it in some way. Find out more about about CrossFit in Dubai here

Fitness Nutrition

Gym Meal Prep

What should you be eating if you are going to the gym? Find out how you can meal prep the GymNation way!


CrossFit in Dubai: AMRAP - What is it?

CrossFitters love their acronyms. This is one of the most common ones that you’ll see. CrossFit AMRAP stands for either ‘as many reps as possible’ or ‘as many rounds as possible’. Find out what AMRAP means here.


5 myths about HIIT training

HIIT training is one of the most popular forms of exercises in modern gym circles. However, there are some misconceptions associated with it. Let's have a look at the top 5 myths about HIIT training. 


Set goals for Dubai Fitness Challenge

How do you set health and fitness goals for the Dubai Fitness Challenge? And how do you go on to achieve them? Well, let’s take a look.


Get fit with Dubai Fitness Challenge

Dubai Fitness Challenge is just around the corner, and it's time to prepare your workout plan at Gyms in Dubai... but where do you actually start? There is a wealth of exercise information available online- some good, some bad- and it can all get a bit confusing.

In an effort to clarify things slightly, we’ve put together a list of five top things to focus on when you’re starting out!


Get results at gyms in Dubai

There are some common errors that are easy to overlook at gyms in Dubai, but, once you know what they are, are also easy enough to rectify.


Dubai Fitness Challenge Highlights

The Dubai Fitness Challenge 2019 was a great success - organizers stepped up their game even further from previous years to deliver the best Dubai Fitness Challenge yet. Whilst dates for the Dubai Fitness Challenge 2020 haven't yet been announced, we know it will be a big one!


What is ClassPass?

ClassPass is a monthly fitness subscription service that allows users a flexible, manageable way to find and pay for the fitness classes they want, where and when they want.

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Put your fitness first

GymNation is the UAE’s most affordable and flexible gym, with gym memberships starting from AED99 per month and no-contract-cancel-anytime membership options. Here's how GymNation will help you put your fitness first


Leg Workout Bodybuilding

Who doesn't want killer legs? Read on to find out how to make the most of your GymNation gym membership and turn your chicken legs into monsters! With over 500+ pieces of gym equipment, you have no excuses to keep skipping leg day!




Chest Workout: Best Exercises

If you want to build up a deep, strong chest with plenty of pectoral definition, there are three exercises that you really can’t be skipping. These three chest workout exercises will switch up your chest bodybuilding routine and guarantee growth.


CrossFit in Dubai

The benefits of CrossFit are many and varied. CrossFit training offers a great combination of aerobic training, strength training, endurance and mobility, and its athletes are famous for their well-rounded approach to fitness.


Fitness first with a Personal Trainer

We all struggle with motivation, lack of time and a host of other excuses. Having a personal trainer makes sure that you put your fitness first above everything else. Here's how exactly a personal trainer will help you.


The CrossFit WOD

There is one thing that everybody can agree on: CrossFit gives you an intense workout. WODs are the centrepiece of every CrossFit training routine. Here's what makes the WOD so great...


Gym Memberships

There are countless choices of Gym Memberships available in the UAE, but we make it easy for you to pick out GymNation when thinking of "gyms near me" to join. Let's have a look at why you should join GymNation and why GymNation really is the best gym in Dubai!


5 steps to putting your fitness first

There are many health benefits to be had from putting living an active lifestyle and putting your fitness first. Remaining active in this way - paying attention to your fitness and making it a priority - will bring about some profound health benefits, both physically and mentally.

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Does High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Really Reverse Signs of Ageing?

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) has been suggested as a way to reverse signs of ageing at the cellular level.

Women Smiling while Exercising Together


Why is it important to put your fitness first?

Regular exercise, and the maintenance of an active lifestyle, is important for all of us: we all need it, we all benefit from it, and we are all made healthier by it. Read on to find out why you should be putting your fitness first!


GymNation at the 1st UAE IAA Virtual Conference

We are excited to be participating at the 1st UAE IAA Virtual Conference! Sonny Brown, Australia’s #1 Published Fitness Model and Performance Coach will be taking the participants of the IIA Conference through a virtual fitness session.


HIIT or steady state cardio?

Cardio is vital to any health and fitness regime. However, it can sometimes feel a bit of a chore. Read on to find out if you should choose HIIT or LISS


The biggest myths about weight loss

There are more myths surrounding weight loss than there are facts. Let's break these down in our blog here and help you break down that fat!


Fitness First History

Fitness First is one of the world's most well-known Gyms in the world. It has gyms in over 16 countries and multiple cities including First First Dubai and Fitness First Abu Dhabi. Below, we will give you a brief overview of Fitness First and a summary of how the gym was founded and the history of it.



The unwritten rules of your gym in Dubai

There are rules at your gym you probably know about but there also are some that nobody will explicitly mention to you. They are guaranteed to get you weird looks and annoyed faces if you don't follow them. Read on to find out what they are.


Make the most of your gym in Dubai

Read on to find out out how you can get the best bang for your buck from a gym membership


Golds Gym History

Gold’s Gym is one of the most well-known brands in the gym membership world. Anyone who is into fitness has heard of Golds Gym. This is one of the largest chains of fitness clubs with a global presence. At the moment, the company has over 600 Gold's Gym locations (including Golds Gym Abu Dhabi and Golds Gym Dubai) across 27 countries.



How to choose a gym in Dubai when you have so many options

You’ve decided you want to get in shape or build some muscle, but how do you know that you're getting the best bang for your buck at the gym of your choice? Read our totally unbiased blog to find out. 

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How to work out safely at gyms in Dubai

Exercise is probably the single best thing you can do for your health but it's essential that you do it with the right form, volume and technique. Read on to find out how you can stay injury-free and work out safely at gyms in Dubai.


COVID-19: How to Keep Yourself Protected While Working Out in the Gym?

As soon as the world was impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, places such as gyms, community centers, restaurants experienced forced closure in many countries. Now that they've opened, how do you keep yourself fit and safe?

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5 benefits of HIIT workouts

Not only do HIIT workouts help you burn fat faster, they have a whole range of benefits you probably weren't aware of. Read on to find out how HIIT can help you be in the best shape of your life!

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Learn to use resistance bands with a personal trainer

A resistance band is probably the most versatile tool you can use in your fitness journey, but it's important how to use it right and how to make the most of it. Read on to find how you can win the Battle Of The Bands!


5 essentials you need to have in your gym bag

A well-maintained gym bag should have you ready for any eventuality. So what are the essentials you NEED to have in your gym bag? Read on to find out

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Your BMI formula

The idea of BMI can be found floating around most doctors’ offices and gym floors. You’ve heard about it, you’ve heard it’s a good measure, and you may know roughly what it means for you. But what is it, really, and how to you set and reach goals based on it?


Fitness Health

A guide to body types

What form does your body take? Learn about the different body types, and the best exercises and diets you can undertake for optimal results.

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Top 3 squat variations

Never skip leg day. Come on. There will be members in any gym, anywhere in the world, who have shoulders that go out forever, bulging arms and chiselled pecs, but whose legs are like pieces of string. What are the top three versions of the most popular leg exercise?

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What is a HIIT workout?

You probably don't have enough time in the day to hit the gym to get that workout you really want. You surely have a few minutes of your time to spare every day to get a workout that burns a week's worth of calories. Read on to find out how!

Health Fitness

The relationship between the gym and sleep

There is too strong a relationship between taking regular exercise and having good quality sleep to ignore. Working out, be it cardio or strength training has been known to be beneficial to sleep. So, what exactly are the benefits of working out to sleep?

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4 top ways to support your immune system

Your immune system isn’t immutable: there are certain things you can do to boost it,  as COVID-19 rocks the world - taking care of your first defense against diseases is of utmost importance. So, what steps can you take to ensure your immune system is running at full force?

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4 ways in which weightlifting makes you healthier

There are plenty of reasons to lift weights. You can bulk up with muscle, making yourself fitter, stronger and, to many opinions, more aesthetically pleasing. So what are the other benefits that come with lifting weights?

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Why should you go to the gym?

If you want to be healthy, you will most likely need to be fit. Find out why going to the gym is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle, and how going to the gym will be the best decision you'll ever make.

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Top 4 health benefits of exercise

Regular exercise is one of the biggest factors in forging a healthy mind and body. But, amid a long list of positives with regards to your mental and physical health, what are the top benefits to be had from exercising regularly?

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5 foods, vitamins and minerals for a healthy, strong diet

There is no such thing as the perfect food: nothing, not even the most super-powered, exclusive berry or grain touted by the elitist of the elite in fitness circles, can give you everything you need. So what are the foods that you must include in your meals for a balanced diet?


Health Fitness

Your guide to a perfect Ramadan diet

The holy month of Ramadan is a challenge for Muslims the world over. However, if you’re clever about it, following a Ramadan fast doesn’t have to be quite so ruinous to your health: a Ramadan diet can be as healthy as you make it.

Workout Nutrition

Nutrition Fitness

5 Ramadan Weight Loss Tips

If you’re fasting and still looking to lose weight during Ramadan, below are 5 tips for you to follow. Check them out!

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Home workouts you can do during Ramadan

There is absolutely no need to stop taking regular exercise during Ramadan, no matter what you thought nor what the temptation might be. But what kind of exercise should you be doing, and what will be the most likely to succeed?

Health Fitness

How to stick to your gym routine during and after Ramadan

Exercise during Ramadan is tough - Ramadan can be a time for gym routines to crumble and for athletic gains to disappear. How do you keep your gym routine going?

Health Fitness

8 tips for training at the gym during the month of Ramadan

Working out and sticking to your diet can be challenging enough. Adding Ramadan into the mix can make it that much harder to make to achieve your fitness goals.


How do you make sure you're keeping fit during the holy month? Here are 8 tips from GymNation personal trainers to help you with keeping up your fitness during Ramadan.

Health Fitness

Fasting and fitness: how to safely exercise during Ramadan

Exercise during Ramadan can be tough for some people and in other cases, even non-existent. How do you make sure you're working out the right way without damaging your body? Here are tips from GymNation nutrition and training experts to show you how you can do just that.

Health Fitness

Benefits of a corporate gym membership

Corporate gym memberships are fantastic. They are a way to keep the whole workforce happy and healthy, helping them de-stress, stay in shape and have some fun. Read on to find out how they ultimately pay for themselves and are worth the investment every day of the week.

Ramadan fitness: How to gain muscle while fasting

Your health goals do not have to take a back seat during this month. Here’s how

Fitness Health

5 Home Strength Workouts If You're Missing the Gym

Let’s face it, with the current Coronavirus situation, working out from home has to work for you at the moment. If you’re used to lifting heavy weights, attending specialised exercise classes, and having free reign over every piece of gym equipment you want, a home workout filled with little else besides bodyweight exercises can be an intimidating disappointing prospect.


7 benefits of plank exercises

The plank exercise is king when it comes to training your core muscles. With full alignment, stability and tension, it works your full body, emphasising your lower back, rectus abdominus and inner obliques as a way to hold it all together. Learn how you become a master of the plank!

Fitness Health

6 Workouts You Can Do at Home

For a lot of us, gyms in Dubai are like a second home and self-isolation probably has people feeling the blues. Not only is this period the best time to renew your New Year’s workout resolutions, it is also a great time to watch what you eat and keep that routine ticking. Find out how you can work out from home without any equipment and keep fit!


How can a personal trainer help you achieve your goals?

It can be hard to put together a fitness program. It can be even harder to do so with the correct exercises to help you reach your goals and keep you motivated. A personal trainer will help you with this. Read on to find out how a personal trainer can help you achieve your goals.


How to train at GymNation for a Tough Mudder race?

It's obstacle racing season! GymNation has partnered with Tough Mudder to help you prepare for each race and push your performances to the next level!


The Best Shoulder Workouts?

Whatever your shoulder goal, one of these 3 mass-building shoulder workouts can help you achieve it!


The benefits of cardio exercise

Cardiovascular exercise has many benefits. It will help you to keep lean, so that you can maintain a toned physique with all your hard-gained muscle on display.

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What is the Dubai Fitness Challenge?

Dubai Fitness Challenge (DFC) is an annual celebration of all things fitness and wellness in Dubai. Launched in 2017, the initiative challenges everyone in the city to complete 30 minutes of activity a day for 30 days


The Top 5 Workouts For A Bigger Chest

Ask people in the gym what their favourite muscle to workout is and the answer will most probably be…The Chest. There are many different types of chest workouts that help you build your chest muscles, and of them all, we have listed what is considered the most popular and widely used. 

Fitness Member Stories

Personal Trainer Kyle Evans Explains High Intensity Functional Training (“HIFT”)

In this blog, Kyle Evans, one of GYMNATION’s high performance Personal Trainers, provides an insight into his unique style of training which he terms High Intensity Functional Training (“HIFT”), developed throughout a career as a provincial, multi discipline, South African sportsman.

Kyle - Personal Trainer


What is Jiu Jitsu?

Jiu jitsu was used as the battlefield art by the Japanese samurai warriors, which provided them with the ability to fight effectively even when they had to be on foot and were disarmed.

Muay Thai class hosted by Jason


What are the most powerful chest workouts?

If you are into building your chest, know that there are a wide range of chest workouts you can try to make your chest days interesting. Following are some of the most powerful chest workouts that will help you grow a stronger and bigger chest:

Health Fitness Nutrition

Creating a Diet Plan for Yourself

If you are one such individual looking to take that step towards staying healthy, here are some really useful tips to create a diet plan for yourself:

Healthy snack options

Health Fitness

How Much Gym Time to Lose Weight?

When it comes to losing weight in a healthy manner, hitting the gym is one of the primary solutions, and the inclusion of both weight training and cardiovascular exercises in your workout routines is key to achieve your weight loss goal. But, if there is one question that most gym goers struggle to find the answer is, how much gym time should I put in for weight loss?

Woman Smiling while Exericising

Fitness Health

How the Gym Can Help Reduce and Manage Stress

You’ve had a long day at work; right from missing that forgetting that important work file at home, the heavy traffic on your way to work, a heated argument with your colleague, to your laptop crashing unexpectedly, your stress level will be at its peak by this time. How should you relieve this stress?

Group dancing during BodyJam class

Fitness Weight Loss

Does Sweating More Mean More Weight Loss?

You are at the gym, and as always, you follow your personal trainer’s instructions and complete 30 to 45 minutes of cardio, between treadmill, cycling, and cross-trainer. At the end of your workout, you find yourself drenched in sweat, and your immediate thought would be that your body has burnt a lot of fat, which will eventually translate into weight loss. But, is this really true? Does the amount of sweat on your body after your workout sessions translate into weight loss?

Group lifting barbell during BodyPump class

Weight Loss Health Fitness

What are Ways you can Increase Your Stamina?

Do you get really tired running after your toddler around your house? Do you feel breathless after that 10-minute treadmill session at the gym? Is it really taxing to take a short walk? All of these are clear indications of poor stamina and fitness. If you want to be able to do these activities without facing too much trouble, you need to look for some effective techniques on how to increase stamina.

Les Mills Spin class

Fitness Weight Loss Health

Ways to Prevent Holiday Weight Gain

How many times have you noticed an increase in your weight right after the holidays?

Here are some effective ways to stop gaining weight during the holidays:

Fitness Weight Loss Health

Tips to Workout During the Summer Heat

Regardless of the type of exercise you like to engage in to get that beach body, running, hiking, biking, swimming, or anything else for that matter, everything only gets harder in the heat. So, here are a few tips to workout during the summer heat:


Best exercises to help improve your agility

Agility training is one of the best ways to improve your athletic performance. It will help you move quicker and with better control, you’ll increase cardio fitness levels, enhance balance and develop stronger mind/body connection too.

Balancing on One Foot in Body Balance


The Benefits of Functional Training for Sports Performance

Functional training has many benefits; not only does it improve overall sports performance, but it’s a great way to help you reach your unique fitness goals. This type of training is geared toward your specific needs, making it a great benefit for any individual – regardless of your fitness level.

Members balancing on one leg during Body Vive

Fitness Weight Loss

Barbells vs Machines

Modern day gyms are packed full of high-tech machines that allow members to achieve full body workouts without having to go within five feet of a single bar, plate or dumbbell.

Fitness Health

3 Great Exercises for Busy Moms

Busy moms can easily feel overwhelmed, sleep deprived and often negative when it comes to exercise. But we have a few great exercises for moms that they can fit into their schedule. And best of all? They can be done with a stroller!


Fitness Weight Loss Health

Focusing on Health and Fitness for a Productive Workforce

Health and fitness is undoubtedly very important in our daily lives, but people often forget just how beneficial it can be to support a productive workforce.


All you need to know about Delayed onset muscle soreness

Whilst some people hate it with a passion, others will deliberately quest to achieve Delayed onset muscle soreness following their workout, wearing it as a badge of honour and using it as an indication that they are indeed working out hard enough.

Train well Eat well Live Better

Whilst one of the top goals for all gym goers both male and female is to look better in the buff, there are many less decorative and more significant reasons as to why anybody would want to spend their days moving more and eating well.


Fitness Health Weight Loss

Why you Should Try Resistance Training?

Some people look to endless hours of pavement pounding in an attempt to burn off those love handles and look better naked whilst others will diet themselves into the ground however, it truly is all about the iron if you are looking to change the way you look and perform.

Fitness Weight Loss

Personal Training at GymNation

Going to the gym isn’t easy by yourself. For many of us it becomes a mental battle to either get out of bed an hour early and hit the gym or a battle to resist the temptation of skipping the gym and going home to the couch at the end of a long day at work. Personal Trainers can make your fitness journey a whole lot easier....



We love this power-packed exercise as it’s great for strengthening all the muscles down the back of your body, building core strength and improving posture. It can also work wonders for athleticism, as building strong posterior muscles is key to helping you move faster during cardio training.

Fitness Health

Dance Yourself Fit

This blog looks into the benefits Dance forms of Exercise can have on fitness and dos the health of your brain. For many years scientists thought that once the brain was fully formed and at capacity that was it, from then on it slowly degenerated. Modern research shows that throughout your life the brain has the ability to adapt and regenerate - so could a dance workout could be the perfect setting?


GYMNATION PT Kate Austin on her incredible Olympia win

A GYMNATION personal trainer is still pinching herself after success at the biggest event in bodybuilding. Kate Austin recently took home the amateur women’s physique prize at the prestigious Olympia in Las Vegas – four years after retiring from the sport.

Health Fitness

5 Steps to getting the most mental health benefit from your workouts

Exercise is one of the most effective ways to improve your mental health. Regular exercise can have a profoundly positive impact on depression, anxiety, ADHD, and more. It also relieves stress, improves memory, helps you sleep better, and boosts overall mood.

Fitness Health


Cooldowns come in a variety of shapes and sizes, ranging from a quick stretch to full dynamic slowing down of moves similar to the ones you were doing during the session. In general, there are two types of cooldown: passive and active.

Man stretching his arms

Fitness Member Stories

Bodybuilding with a Bodyguard | Q&A with Personal Trainer Ty Kubiak

Former bodyguard and high-performance personal trainer, Ty Kubiak provides insight into his training techniques. 

Book a FREE Personal Training consultation session with Ty.

Ty - Personal Trainer

Fitness Health

To roll or not to roll

Learn more about foam roll and the benefits. There are several different types of foam roller, ranging from one solid piece of foam, to hollow tubes with lumps and bumps emerging from the outer foam, and even rechargeable vibrating ones. 

Woman using a foam roller

Fitness Weight Loss


Ever wonder what happens to those extra pounds you’re trimming? The answer might surprise you.



They are the two most popular core training moves, but do they produce the same results? We put the crunch and the plank to the test.

A plank and a crunch

Fitness Weight Loss

Lose the Mummy Tummy!

It takes 9 months for you to grow a tiny human being within your abdominal walls, changing every inch of your body in the process. This blog post looks at how to reverse the dramatic physiological and hormonal changes.

Mum pushing pram

Fitness Weight Loss

8 reasons why women should lift weights

There is a huge misconception held among many women that weightlifting will turn women  ‘hench’. This is not the case, and it is this myth which often prevents women getting the results they want as they live in fear of the free weights area. So let's look at 8 reason why women SHOULD lift weights.

Woman lifting weight

Fitness Nutrition

How Fast Should You Be Gaining Mass?

If you are a fitness enthusiast who just started training, you’ll notice mass gains rather quickly.  But gains can slow down over time, so it’s important to know just how much healthy mass you can expect to gain, and how to achieve the best results.

Fitness Health

Do I Really Need to Stretch Before Training?

We all know that stretching is important, especially for athletes and people who regularly do fitness training. We take a closer look at the benefits of stretching, and whether it’s necessary to stretch before and after each workout session.

Woman stretching her leg


5 Rules for Safe Exercising During Pregnancy

Exercising when pregnant is not only possible, but it can be fun and effective too. Here are five great tips for pregnancy exercises

Pregnant ladies doing Yoga

Exercise and mental health, the undoubted connection

Put simply, it really does pay to hit the gym for a broad collection of reasons however, one of the slightly less eminent benefits of working out is mental health. Mental health can be one of those sensitive subjects where most people choose to disregard the issue altogether.

Health Fitness

Why exercise should be your top priority

It has never been more important to consciously take up a healthy, fit lifestyle, in which exercise levels are adequate and caloric intake is controlled. Why should exercise be your top priority?


The biggest mistakes people make at gyms in Dubai

The time you spend at the gym matters, you don't want to waste your time doing the wrong exercises with the wrong form, for the wrong reasons. Check out the biggest mistakes people make at Gyms in Dubai and how to correct them.

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