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5 reasons why you should use a Wellfit gym

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Exercising is so beneficial for your body and mind. There are so many different ways you can exercise so it will always be varied and there’s not really any excuse to ever get bored. From nature walks, to swimming, biking classes and everything in between there's something for everyone. 


In this post we are going to focus on hitting the gym and why exercising in a wellfit gym can be so beneficial for your health. Have you been to the gym before or is it something you might find a little intimidating? We are going to show you why it's time to hit the gym for your workouts.

  1. Resistance training - Good wellfit gyms in the UAE have resistance machines and free weights to use. Resistance training helps to strengthen bones and joints ensuring you stay stronger for longer. Resistance training also helps to aid muscle growth, including your heart (which gets stronger )so if you want to sculpt and tone a specific area then you need to put your muscles against some heavy weights. 
  2. Great for socialising - Wellfit gyms are fantastic for meeting new people and socialising. If you don’t really know anyone that goes to the gym don’t worry because after you have attended a few classes or gym sessions you will have no doubt made some new friends and possibly even find yourself a training partner. Gyms are great for making new friends so get stuck in and spread those social wings.
  3. Great variety - A good wellfit gym will provide you with huge variety when it comes to training. From extensive cardio equipment to resistance equipment you can train in such a huge number of ways. There are also multiple fitness classes you can attend, the possibilities are endless. Exercising in the gym environment can improve body composition, increase your metabolism  and improve physical fitness.
  4. Accountability - If you have a gym membership which you are paying for you are more likely to get in and exercise. The other plus point here is you could also hire a personal trainer or take advantage of the services the gyms offer such as tailored programmes and advice. All these factors make you more accountable. 
  5. You can have somewhere to relax and have space - Generally, people join a gym to workout but they are actually a great place to unwind. A gentle swim or sit in the sauna for some ‘me time’ will have you zen before you know it. It’s a space where you can go and just focus on you, nothing else matters when you are at the gym. 


If you haven’t had a gym membership before then maybe it’s time you reconsidered and took advantage of all the great benefits that go with it! New friends, a better body, better health and somewhere to get rid of the day's stresses! 



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