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Technology has changed enough to provide us with a new age in fitness. HIIT training, the most effective workout ever, can make perfect use of it. No need for spending endless hours at the gym or doing the same ol' boring routine. 


Stirring up the fitness industry in Dubai, GymNation offers the best HIIT class in Dubai with its new project named BLITZ.


BLITZ - the Future of Fitness Exclusive to GymNation 

GymNation started as a gamechanger in Dubai, giving more to their clients for less. The prices for a monthly membership would go from AED99 to AED199, the lowest in the Gulf Tiger.


Almost 4 years have passed since the first GymNation gym, and now there are 7 new locations all over the UAE. Although young, GymNation is already established in the Dubai fitness industry, receiving tons of positive feedback from fitness moguls and the press.


Now, GymNation is trying to change the game again with an investment of 1.5 million AED to create a Premium HIIT class in Dubai that meets everybody's needs. 


What started as putting to work an underutilized area into a HIIT training class turned into a high-tech, premium service in the form of a fitness boutique. The immediate success made BLITZ a sub-brand, ready to expand where there is demand.


BLITZ- the HIIT training Studio at GymNation Al-Quoz is an in-gym boutique fitness concept that delivers high service. 


BLITZ Art Fitness Studio Features

BLITZ is a full-body HIIT class in Dubai held within an art fitness studio, one of its kind, technology-wise. This HIIT training delivers the most effective mix between strength and cardio workouts.


The industry-leading personal trainers promise to get you to burn 1000+ calories in an hour in their HIIT class with a group personal training style. 


Each BLITZ studio has 3 workout zones to push your limits. The best equipment with the latest technology will allow you to track your performance and reach your goals faster than any other HIIT class in Dubai.


The highest energy music will keep you going as you move between each interval. The lighting and the sound system with 7 TV screens will transform your idea of fitness.


Technology and Workout Spaces at BLITZ Boutique Studio 

·       15 Matrix Fitness T5xGT Treadmills

The BLITZ studio at GymNation Al Quoz has 15 Matrix Fitness T5xGT Treadmills. The T5xGT treadmill is one of the highest spec treadmill options available as of 2022. 


This treadmill’s LED console makes it easy to switch between three pre-set intensity levels or customize your HIIT training to what the personal trainer will push you to. Its wide belt offers security and freedom during your speedy runs.


This is the place where you will reach your peak performance in 12+ minutes in different intensities named the red and orange zone. Are you ready to break your own records?


GymNation is invested in offering the most comfortable, safe, and effective machines to create a pioneer art fitness studio in Dubai. 


·       15 Benches with Build-in Dumbbells

Say bye-bye to not finding equipment or waiting for a pair of dumbbells. BLITZ studio offers 15 benches for each member of the group personal training with build-in 8 pairs of dumbbells. 


Dumbbells weigh from 2.5 to 20 Kg, making it the most versatile part of the HIIT class in Dubai with hundreds of exercise opportunities. 


·       Floor Zone


The floor or the free movement zone invites you to have a blast. It contains the latest functional equipment such as kettlebells, slam balls, and sandbags to get your heart pounding up to 85% of your maximum heart rate MHR.


Each place is designed to make you sweat all through the one-hour long HIIT training.


·       Heart Rate Monitor in Group Personal Training

The BLITZ studios will keep you engaged every second. You’ll want to get most of the technology, music, lighting, and synergy created in the most rad group personal training in Dubai.


The studio uses FitMetrix performance monitoring technology, with real-time tracking of heart rate, calories burned, VO2 max, and more. 


This data is live-streamed on the BLITZ TV screens, making this HIIT training a competitive challenge for yourself and others. 


You’ll have a heart rate monitor to show you the intensity of your workout. This way you’ll be pushing to burn as many calories as possible per minute while building strength and muscles. 


The data gets stored, and you can track your performance and learn more about your cardiovascular health. 


You can see your BLITZ class performance data through the GymNation app. In addition, as soon as the BLITZ class finishes, you'll receive a customized email.



Blitz Is Only for Those with an Appetite for a Life-Changing Experience


Everyone can attend the BLITZ HIIT training, especially those looking for the best experience, away from the outdated and traditional gym. 


You can attend these group personal training sessions as often as you want, regardless of your fitness level. In this super-efficient HIIT class in Dubai, you’ll be burning calories after your workout as well. 


HIIT training is the ultimate athlete workout to fall in love with fitness and achieve every goal you have.


1000 calories burnt is guaranteed, but, can you go for more?


In addition, BLITZ studio offers block vision windows so that, as a lady, you can workout in your privacy, just with a touch of a button.


Group personal training is far better than fitness classes because you’ll create a stronger bond with your group members and push each other every day to change your body and health. 


The BLITZ community is tight. They gather outside and have fun beyond the one-hour-long sessions. You’ll meet new people to share your concerns about fitness or spend some quality time with your loved ones.


What Does the BLITZ HIIT Training Include? 

First things first: The BLITZ workout routines are customized and bulletproof to any injury. 


Half of the training is interval training on a treadmill. The personal trainers will instruct you on the proper speed and motivate you to give your all in each interval.


The other half is divided between the Floor and the Benches. Every BLITZ HIIT training will build stamina, strength, and speed. 


The BLITZ studio represents the incorporation of technology in the art fitness studio. The new concept defines the future of fitness, and you have the chance to get your hands on it.


It’s about time we elevate from the traditional and outdated gym areas. BLITZ is wearable tech-enabled, starting from heart rate tracking gadgets. It brings together a new era of group personal training in a more spacious and functional studio. 


GymNation doesn’t want to stop here. They’re looking for opportunities to gamify your fitness experience, and sooner than you think, they might be introducing it onto the gym floor and main studios as well.


BLITZ by GymNation in a Nutshell

  • Exclusive 1-hour Group personal training Workout!
  • Hybrid cardio and resistance training!
  • Live heart rate monitoring to track your performance in real-time!
  • Carefully designed schedule for optimum recovery and performance!
  • Certified coaches to help you push your limits safely and effectively!
  • Proven to burn 1000+ calories in every class!
  • Improve Stamina, Speed & Strength - become the complete athlete!
  • The latest music to keep you motivated throughout every BLITZ class!


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