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What is Yoga?

De-stressing, a refreshing and peace-giving art form that enables you to release tensions and focusses on improving flexibility and strength. Yoga classes are perfectly tailored for everyone who wants to destress themselves from busy schedules in life-improving mental health and well being. Yoga Classes at GymNation are made specifically based on the level of expertise by trained specialists. Yoga develops strength and flexibility whilst boosting your physical and mental vitality and well-being. Using relaxation techniques, poses, stretches and breathing exercises Yoga classes at GymNation are overseen by experts and will enable you to feel fully revitalised.

Exercise type: Strength, mental well being
Duration: 30-60 minutes
Approx. calories burned: 250-300
Fitness levels : All abilities welcome

Watch a video of a Yoga Class at GymNation, the UAE’s largest and most affordable gym.


Riza Cayetano

“I used to join other forms of Yoga like Hatta and Power yoga. But since joining Flow Yoga, I’ve never missed a class. What I enjoy most is the dynamic characteristic of it. In this class, I developed Strength And Flexibility in my whole body and I always look forward to Savasana. It is the best part. I finish the class feeling more relaxed.” 


Riza Cayetano.jpeg


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