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Sunil is one of GymNation's most experienced personal trainers with more than 9 years working in the fitness industry. Bodybuilding has been his obsession since he stepped into the fitness, but he also has a background in boxing, functional training and injury rehabilitation. Highly motivated to help you reach your goals, his professional approach and friendly training sessions are only 2 of the things that help him get the job done.

Sunil's Specialities

BODY TRANSFORMATION: Want to change your body, gain muscle, lose fat and gain strength, stamina and endurance? That is exactly what my training plans are designed to help you achieve.


POSTURE CORRECTION: Are you struggling with lower back pain due to long hours of working a desk job? Do you feel your posture needs some serious work?
Through a personalised workout plan, your specific concerns will be addressed in a safe and effective manner.


NO EXCUSES!: Have you been planning to being a training routine for a while now but haven't been able to for one reason or another? Whether it's lack of motivation, setting up a schedule that works for you, or just figuring out a workout plan that works for you, I can help you set it all up and so much more. Sign up now and let us get to work!


  • Reps Level 3 - Dubai
  • Viper & Kettle Bell course - British Impact Dubai
  • Certified in Rehab - Dubai
  • Certified Boxercise Trainer - Dubai
    CPR and Basic First Aid - India
  • Certified Personal Trainer - K11, India


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