In 2017, GymNation burst onto the UAE fitness scene, with a mission to become The People’s Gym and an ambition to make improving your health and wellbeing by going to the gym less intimidating, more affordable, accessible, and fun for everyone in the region.


We felt residents had been overcharged for substandard (and boring) gym facilities for far too long. This had to stop! So, we decided to lead a new movement, and spearhead the fight against inactivity.

GymNation was born, and it was time for us to provide a better kind of gym experience, one that builds strength and self-confidence. One that stands with everyone, for every ability, for every shape, and for every size. A gym that is actually committed to getting more people moving across the region.





GymNation gyms stand apart in every dimension. Ranging from 25,000 to 60,000 square feet, each of our locations welcomes you into a world where fitness never sleeps.


Open 24/7, 365 days a year, GymNation is your unwavering ally in fitness, offering an unparalleled array of facilities:


  • State-of-the-Art Equipment: Access over 500 cutting-edge Matrix cardio machines, free weights, and assisted gym equipment tailored for all fitness levels.

  • Dynamic Group Fitness Classes: Participate in hundreds of complimentary, live, instructor-led group exercise classes including LES MILLS, Zumba, Yoga, as well as exclusive signature classes including JumpNation, Sound Healing, BollyNation, Assisted Stretching, and more.

  • On-Demand Flexibility: Enjoy thousands of GymNation On Demand virtual classes available 24/7. Whether in our virtual studios, at home, or on holiday, stay fit on your schedule.

  • Women's Wellness Spaces: Benefit from ladies only gym areas and group classes, designed for comfort and inclusivity.

  • Expert Personal Training: Our team of certified, experienced personal trainers are on hand to inspire and support you through every workout.

  • Instagram-Worthy Interiors: Our gyms are filled with photogenic spots, featuring neon lights, motivational quotes, and stylish changing rooms (we even have GHD Hair Straighteners) for that perfect post-workout selfie.

  • BLITZ HIIT Studio: Challenge yourself in our dedicated BLITZ HIIT boutique studio, designed for high-intensity, Calorie-burning workouts.

  • Recovery Zones: Rejuvenate with our Ice and Sauna Recovery Zones, perfect for post-workout relaxation.

  • Nutrition On-Site: Refresh and refuel at our Smoothie and Salad Cafés and Refuel Zones, offering healthy options to complement your fitness journey.

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We don't just call ourselves "The People's Gym", we live by that motto too! You don’t have to chase impossible perfection at GymNation, and you don’t need to have buns of steel, a six-pack and muscular arms to be welcome here.

GymNation is a community here to support everyone, to celebrate and inspire each other to become better versions of ourselves, whatever our fitness goals, by living happier, healthier and more active lives.

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