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Exclusive 1-Hour Boxing Workout!

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Hybrid Fitness and Technique training!

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Carefully Designed Schedule for optimal recovery and performance!

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World-Class Boxing Coaches to help you push your limits safely and effectively!

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Burn 800+ Calories in Every Class!

Gymnation Block

Improve Stamina, Speed & Strength - become the complete boxing athlete!


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Why Box 'N Burn classes at GymNation

GymNation Box 'N Burn boxing classes offer a thrilling battleground where each punch throws you closer into your boxing passion! Our experienced trainers will guide you through genuine techniques and workouts that are revered by top-tier boxers. Gone are the days of searching the web for "boxing classes near me," because here at GymNation, you've found the perfect spot to ignite your boxing journey!

Tony Jeffries teaching boxing class at gymnation

Box 'N Burn classes

GymNation has partnered with Olympic medallist, Tony Jeffries to launch Box 'N Burn classes within GymNation locations across the UAE. Box 'N Burn classes will provide the opportunity for UAE residents to be trained by some of the world's leading boxing coaches, in world-class GymNation facilities.


Box 'N Burn already operates in Los Angeles coaching thousands of people from their venue. The partnership with GymNation will see Box N Burn and his coaches bring their expertise to the Middle East for the first time, showcasing the diverse benefits that boxing training offers.

Tony Jeffries Box N Burn

Box 'N Burn Mission

Box 'N Burn offers a world-class boxing fitness experience for everyone, from complete beginners to ex-professionals. We welcome you to join the world's top boxing fitness class, where you'll learn authentic boxing techniques and undergo the same workouts as top-level boxers. Elevate your fitness to new heights with us – no matter your starting point, find your fight here!

Box N Burn Tony Jeffries 2

GymNation boxing classes FAQ'S

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Do I need any boxing experience to join?

No, you don't need any boxing experience to join. We welcome members of all levels, from absolute beginners to ex-professionals.

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What should I bring to my first class?

Please bring comfortable workout clothes, boxing gloves, hand wraps, and a water bottle. If you don't have gloves or wraps, they are available for purchase at the gym.

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How long is each class?

Each class lasts approximately 60 minutes, including warm-up, boxing instruction, conditioning, and cool-down.

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How often should I attend classes to see results?

We recommend attending classes 2-3 times per week to see noticeable improvements in your fitness and boxing skills.