Gymnation Block

Bringing the heat with every class, burn up to 1000 calories in 1 hour!

Gymnation Block

Killer playlists to energize and drive your workout to new heights!

Gymnation Block

Track your heart rate efforts in real-time with SPIVI technology!

Gymnation Block

Top instructors who motivate, inspire and bring out the beast in you!


  • Al Quoz
  • Downtown Dubai
  • Khalidiyah Mall
  • Motor City
  • Reem Island
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BLITZ Instructors will guide you through a run on our top-of-the-range, industry leading MATRIX treadmills.


Expect a BIG adrenaline release, sweat for days and improve your performance with every stride.


Our Strength training is specially curated and alternated so you’ll never hit leg day back-to-back (you can thank us later).


From 2-20KG dumbbells, in our specially designed BLITZ benches, with endless exercise variations from beginner to pro, you’ll be screaming for more.



Let the bodies hit the FLOOR! Challenge your body and test your true grit with the latest Kettlebell, Slam ball, and Power Bag movements plus a wide variety of bodyweight exercises to get your heart racing!


Our BLITZ studios are powered by SPIVI technology.


SPIVI tracks your performance through heart rate monitoring technology, using ANT+ enabled wearables such as MYZONE, Apple Watch, Garmin and Strava - enabling real time tracking of calories burned, heart rate and effort levels throughout every BLITZ class!

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What is BLITZ?

Bringing the heat with every class, burning up to 1000 calories with top instructors, killer playlists to get those endorphins pumping and carefully curated training programs to challenge and change your body, BLITZ is the ultimate full body workout experience.


Our programs will improve your Strength, Stamina, Power and Endurance through set treadmill, bench and functional training. With live in-studio heart rate performance tracking, you’ll achieve real results, and have a damn good time doing it!

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I’m new to exercise, should I do BLITZ?

Our highly experienced BLITZ coaches will keep you safe and effective by giving you scalable options. Expect a lot of 1:1 attention to keep you motivated and empowered throughout your first workout experience.

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How often should I train BLITZ?

Our programming is set up so you can train everyday as what you do today will not hurt what you do tomorrow. Each BLITZ class is different to ensure you are always working different muscle groups and areas of your fitness.


We can guarantee that in each BLITZ workout, your body will be pushed to help you get the best results and achieve your fitness goal.

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I have an injury/physical limitation, can I still train BLITZ?

All BLITZ workouts are designed to be scaled. If you have an injury, always let your coach know before the workout so they can provide you with some safe alternative exercise options.

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Do I have to be a good runner?

You don’t have to be ‘good’ to start doing cardio exercise, we have low impact Power Walker options to get you through every workout feeling successful, if you do not wish to jog or run.


Although your coaches will be there to motivate you, you are ultimately in control of your pace and effort. Your body, your rules!

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What is SPIVI?

Compatible with most wearables including Apple, MyZone, Samsung watches, Spivi Heart Rate Tracking system using the latest ANT+ technology in the BLITZ studios.


It allows you to ‘login’ to the class and see/track your heart rate efforts live on screen, enabling the coach to guide you through the correct heart rate ‘zones’ for the most effective workout possible.


Spivi tracks your workouts and effort points, allowing you to achieve rankings, unlock new awards and be rewarded for your hard work!


Download Spivi for Android | Download Spivi for Apple 

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What do need to do before my FIRST BLITZ class?

Make sure you turn up 20-30 minutes prior to the start of your FIRST BLITZ class. You will need to make sure you are booked into the class through the GymNation App - available for download from the App Store or the Google Play Store.


We will assist you to download the SPIVI app and explain how you can connect your heart rate monitoring device to the app, so you can track your efforts on screen during the class. A select number of HR straps are available to purchase should you want to grab one before your class.


We ensure your BLITZ coach gives you an induction to the treadmills and explains what to expect in your first workout, so you are set up for success.