Gymnation Block

Exercise Type:  Cardio and Strength

Gymnation Block

Duration: 30 - 60 Mins

Gymnation Block

Approx Calories burned: 500 - 800

Gymnation Block

Fitness Level: All Levels Welcome


  • Abu Dhabi
  • Al Ain
  • Al Khobar
  • Dubai
  • Jeddah
  • RAK
  • Riyadh
  • Sharjah
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GymNation’s Zumba class aims to improve your cardiovascular fitness whilst dancing your way fit. This Latin inspired dance class is great for weight loss, toning and de-stressing. Sign up for your gym membership today to participate in the fun!


What makes our Zumba fitness classes so popular is that it feels more like a dance party than a workout. The music played during the class is relatively fast-paced which can help to build your endurance after just a few classes. Each Zumba dance workout involves highly choreographed routines that are set to upbeat salsa tracks.


Are you tired of Googling “Zumba classes near me”? Then download our GymNation app and book yourself onto the next Zumba class to show off your moves! We can assure you that GymNation is the place to be for the best Zumba classes in Dubai. 


All that is needed to participate in GymNation’s Zumba class is a positive attitude and your dancing shoes!



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How should I prepare for a ZUMBA class?

It’s best if you wear comfortable workout clothes and a good quality pair of trainers as you will be working up a serious sweat in the class!

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How many times a week should I do ZUMBA?

Why put a limit on fun? We say a ZUMBA class a day keeps the doctors away!

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How much dance experience do I need to have before coming to a ZUMBA class?

Absolutely none! ZUMBA caters for all ages and abilities. Your instructor will walk you through the steps one by one – all you need to do is bring the attitude.

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Are Zumba classes good for losing weight?

Burning approximately 369 calories in a 40-minute session, Zumba provides a comprehensive workout for the entire body. This surpasses activities like aerobics, power yoga, or kickboxing when performed for an equivalent duration. Additionally, a Zumba routine with high-intensity interval training (HIIT) can diminish harmful subcutaneous belly fat.

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Is 30 minutes of Zumba a day enough?

Engaging in physical activity for 30 to 60 minutes daily enhances well-being and aids in weight reduction. The duration of your Zumba session plays a pivotal role in the weight you shed.

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Which is better Zumba or walking?

Zumba is recognized by researchers as a superior calorie burner compared to other aerobics classes, including step aerobics and cardio kickboxing. However, the number of calories you burn, whether on a treadmill or in a Zumba class, hinges on your effort level. The greater the effort, the more calories you'll burn.

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Does Zumba reduce belly fat?

  • Effective in targeting and reducing abdominal fat, Zumba can trim inches off your waistline. This was highlighted in a study on 25th January 2022, emphasizing the benefits of its high-energy dance routines.