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Jeddah, renowned for its picturesque views, is elevated by its exquisite beach clubs, resorts, and restaurants.

When summer arrives, locals head to these stunning beach spots, each offering a unique experience.

Before visiting, remember to review each beach club’s rules, as some require memberships, others restrict certain attire, and many enforce a strict no-photography policy, often placing stickers over phone cameras.

Here’s a roundup of the best beach clubs Jeddah has to offer:

Shades Beach

Located in Durrat Alarous, Shades Beach is perfect for spending an entire day without noticing the time fly by.

It features Padel courts, two exceptional restaurants, a gym, and rentable sun-loungers. Entry fees start at SAR280 for women and SAR500 for men, with free admission for children under ten.

Shades Beach, Durrat Alarous

Open Wed to Sat, 9 am to midnight; closed Sun to Tue.

Sol Beach Resort

A favorite among many, Sol Beach Resort offers gorgeous swimming pools, sun loungers, and various amenities, including diving equipment. Entry costs SAR200.

Sol Beach Resort, 6998 Prince Abdullah AlFiasal St, Abhur Ash Shamaliyah District

Open daily, 8 am to 11.30 pm.

Ashoor Island

Great for all ages, Ashoor Island features pristine waters and a white sand beach, perfect for relaxation.

Ashoor Island, Khalij Salman

Boho the Beach

Ideal for families, Boho the Beach requires a minimum three-month membership and is exclusively for families.

Enjoy the good vibes with yoga classes or simply relax by the beach. Accommodation options include villas, one-bedroom apartments, and studios.

Boho the Beach, 754 Abhar, AZ Zomorod District

Coco Beach

Offering a variety of activities, Coco Beach is located on Prince Abdullah AlFiasal Street. Enjoy snorkeling, sunset yoga classes, and more.

Villas are available for rent, with daily rates starting at SAR150 for adults.

Coco Beach, Prince Abdullah AlFiasal St, Al Lulu

Oia Beach

For those who can’t make it to Santorini, Oia Beach offers sailing, kayaking, and a floating water park.

Indulge in artisanal coffee and delectable food options. Accommodation includes apartments and ultra-modern villas with outdoor showers and up to four bedrooms.

OIA Beach, 8984 Prince Abdullah Al Faisal Street, Obhur

Tel: (0)55 532 5649

Narcissus Resort Obhur

Enjoy a luxurious beach day at Narcissus Resort Obhur, with meals catered by the Magnolia Lounge. Relax by the pool or access the private beach for SAR300.

Narcissus Resort Obhur, P3FJ+26P, Prince Abdullah AlFiasal St, Obhur Al-Shamaliyah

Naxos Bay Women’s Beach

Jeddah's first female-only beach club, perfect for a girls' day out. Enjoy sun loungers and swan pedalos, all in a female-friendly environment with an all-women staff.

Naxos Bay Women’s Beach, Prince Abdullah Al-Faisal Street, Obhur

Tel: (0)54 086 6332

Guvali Beach

This vibrant new beach club in Jeddah combines music with beach vibes.

Featuring Padel courts, yoga classes, pools, and a gym, Guvali Beach is a must-visit.

Memberships start at SAR8,500 for two females, while day passes start at SAR150 on weekdays and SAR200 on weekends. Couples and families are also welcome.

Guvali Beach, Q373+8Q4, Prince Abdullah AlFiasal St, Obhor Road, North, Jeddah

Mangrove Beach Resort

At Mangrove Beach Resort, experience luxury with a spa, bowling alley, football ground, children’s play area, and water activities.

The resort also offers ladies-only pools and gyms. Accommodation options include villas, bungalows, and apartments, all spread out for privacy. Membership is required.

Mangrove Beach, Obhur Al-Shamaliyah, Jeddah

Tel: (0)12 622 4389

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