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Need an extra push to reach your goals? Looking to change up your workout program and need some expert guidance? Having a personal trainer provides the encouragement, motivation, and support to help you along your fitness journey.


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I am a highly capable and enthusiastic personal trainer in Dubai with a proven ability helping people achieve their fitness goals. With 9 years of experience providing my clients with personalised and hands-on guidance, customer service and exercise programs, I've seen inspiring results in terms of significant health, fitness and wellness goals. I am passionate and knowledgable in various fields of fitness including body transformation, weight loss, muscle & body building, nutrition, functional, strength & flexibility training, rehabilitation and even meditation programs. My goal is to push my clients to develop true and long-lasting wellbeing and health goals that will improve their everyday lives now and in the future.

Raj's Specialities

BODY TRANSFORMATION: I design specific tailored individual transformation programs which will help you achieve your fitness goals whether you want to lose weight, build muscle or gain strength and stamina. All I ask of my clients if dedication and consistency, you can leave the rest to me.


NUTRITION : I provide healthy eating tips and advice, everything from basic everyday nutrition to those catering to athletes and performers. I tailor and customise the plans as per the individual's preferences, body types, tastes and the culture, providing them with easy effective ways of keeping track of all their dietary intake.


INJURY & REHABILITATION: Due to current lifestyle trends and habits, most people suffer from poor posture leading to slouched shoulders, a hunched back, lower back pain and hip & knee issues which could lead to long-term injury. I can help you overcome these bad habits, improving your posture, as well as assisting people with injuries rehabilitate and get back to 100%.


  • PTA Global Level 2 & Level 3 REPS
  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach
  • Ko8 Functional Movement Certified
  • Certified Kettlebell Level 1 Coach
  • First Aid Level 3
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