George Kazantzidis

GymNation Member: George Kazantzidis

George became a member of GymNation in June 2019 after a referral from a friend. Not happy with his physical condition, George wanted to get into exercise, get back into shape and find a PT that could understand what he wanted to achieve and develop a training program that would generate the results he needed.

GymNation Member: George Kazantzidis

"From the very beginning, I found the environment at GymNation encouraging. The variety of workout machines and classes available offer a multitude of exercise options to keep you constantly motivated.


The GymNation Al Quoz facility is centrally located and is easily accessible. Open 24/7, it gives me the flexibility to schedule my workout sessions around my work timings. Whether a late night workout or an early bird run, once you enter the gym you feel the energy, which pushes you to challenge yourself and meet your goals.


When I started, I signed up for and opted for a PT trial and was referred to Igor. What an impact this has had! His professional attitude and knowledge helped me on my journey to healthier living by means of sports and nutrition. Igor changed the way I treat and respect my body. He made training with him fun and interesting." I definitely recommend GymNation as the best gym in Dubai for everyone who wants to achieve their fitness goals.

Georges's Top Tips

Tip #1: Start your fitness journey with a great PT

When I started in GymNation, my weight was 88kg, and within 3 months, I was down to 75kg. This is an achievement, which I need to attribute to my personal trainer in Dubai, Igor. Our first sessions focused mainly on nutrition and behavioural changes in my daily eating habits, then the focus shifted to exercising. Igor developed a plan, which never got boring and kept me going and motivated. A mix of weight lifting, cardio and HIIT did the job. With Igor’s clear instructions and accelerator plan, I was able to improve week by week. Being a person who was never interested in sports, I am surprised how addicted I have become to fitness.

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Tip #2: Challenge yourself

I learned one thing: “If it doesn’t challenge you, it will not change you.” If you truly want to change yourself, it comes with a bit of pain, but the feeling that comes after having achieved the challenge is more than rewarding. At GymNation there are plenty of opportunities to challenge yourself, literally 24/7/365. There is so much to do that I have not been able to discover everything yet....From the wide selection of classes (Les Mills, Zumba, Yoga and more!) to the many pieces of gym and cardio equipment within the largest gym in Dubai!

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Tip #3: Keep on going!

Don’t stop even if you think you have accomplished your goal. Don’t fall back in to couch potato mood. Don’t find excuses. As long as your body allows, strive to excel for a better you whether it is distance, weights or just the enjoyment of keeping active.

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