Julie Stack

GymNation Member: Julie Stack

Julie became a member of GymNation in early 2019 and since joining has pretty much tried everything GymNation has to offer! From the various group exercises on offer to ongoing one-on-one personal training sessions with GymNation PT Igor Centner. With the flexibility of being open 24/7 Julie has been able to balance her training at GymNation around her busy career and family life. Listen to more on Julie's story below...

GymNation Member: Julie Stack

“I found GymNation earlier this year when I was searching for a gym that would offer me everything I wanted and needed to achieve my fitness goals.  I juggle being a busy mom with a professional career and needed flexible hours, early morning classes and access to a qualified, motivating trainer which I have definitely found in Igor. GymNation has given me all of this and so much more!  The facilities are great, I love the frequency and range of classes, the staff are super friendly and the energy in the gym is contagious!  GymNation has become one of my favourite places to be each week."

Julie's Top Tips

Tip #1: Find a great PT!

My number 1 tip would be to find a great PT who can not only guide you on the correct exercises you should be doing but also motivate you on days when you need it! I have been working with Igor for a few months now and he has really provided me with a fresh outlook on how to train to reach my fitness goals. He explains everything clearly and definitely knows his stuff which means I can focus on listening to his guidance and celebrating my results.

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Tip #2: Plan Ahead

It's hard to juggle being a mum, having a full time career and also keeping fit, but planning my weekly sessions ahead of time enables me to make sure I keep everything on track (as much as is possible!) Sometimes life happens and things don't go to plan, but with GymNation being open 24/7 and having a full schedule of both virtual and live classes means that there is no excuse for making changes in my personal timetable and always making sure my fitness is a top priority!

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Tip #3: Enjoy yourself!

Sometimes training is tough, but I try and enjoy it as much as a can and remember why I am doing it! I want to set a great example to my daughter and ensure that I am as healthy as fit as I can be. If you enjoy something you are more likely to carry it on, and no matter how tough it gets I try and keep that in the front of my mind!

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