Lara Fawzy

GymNation Member: Lara Fawzy

Lara is one of GymNation's most dedicated members! Never one to shy away from a challenge, since joining GymNation Lara's dedication to training and particularly the Muaythai Muppets classes under coach Jason Woodham has led her to take part in a number of amateur Muaythai fights. Having overcome a serious injury, Lara always gives 100% to every single gym session. Listen to more on Lara's story below...

GymNation Member: Lara Fawzy

“I have been a member of GymNation Al Quoz since the very first day it opened. I joined GymNation specifically to learn Muaythai with coach Jason in his “Muaythai Muppets” classes. The variety of classes GymNation offer are unmatched anywhere else in the region. The weight training area is huge and really spaced out, I think there is pretty much every piece of equipment you could ever use in there! I love the functional space for when I need to mix up my workouts and of course, my favourite space is the combat zone. For me, GymNation offers everything under one roof unlike many of the other facilities I have used in the region."

Lara's Top Tips

Tip #1: Plan + get into a routine

Planning when I can attend the gym in advance and then sticking to that routine means I am able to fit all my gym workouts and Muaythai Muppets classes successfully around my work commitments and personal life. For the coming week I always know exactly what times I will be going to GymNation and what classes I will attend. I find that having this set out and generally staying the same exercise routine week to week has ensured I am able to achieve my health and fitness goals in a more organised way!

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Tip #2: Find a class you love

It took me a while and I tried every kind of workout and group exercise class possible but I finally found my passion for Muaythai and I now look forward to every single Muaythai Muppets class. If you find something you enjoy within the gym, particularly a fun and dynamic class (whether it be a Les Mills class, a JumpNation class or Yoga) then you are more likely to look forward to each class and then can use these classes to become a fitter and healthier you! Even on days when I am tired or have had a long day at work, I still look forward to my Muaythai class and as a result I always attend and more importantly always enjoy it!

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Tip #3: Find a workout partner

I cannot advise strongly enough for finding a workout partner ,and luckily since joining GymNation, I have found quite a few people who share my health and fitness goals and have now become my regular training partners and importantly also friends. We motivate each other, we compete against each other and I have no doubts that we are all improving at a faster rate than if we were training alone.

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