Mohammed Elshorafa

GymNation Member: Mohammed Elshorafa

Mohammed became a member of GymNation less than a year ago, not happy with his physical shape and mental stress, he decided to pursue sports, fitness and group exercise classes in Dubai for a better lifestyle.


GymNation Member: Mohammed Elshorafa

“From the start, I decided to pursue sports and fitness in order to tire myself to be able to sleep, I suffered from insomnia and extreme stress.


I joined GymNation specifically because the moment I entered the gym for the first time, it was completely different with its size, variety, machines, customer service compared to every other gym I visited, and the 24 hours open policy, was the main selling point for me.


Apart from that, the energy you get in GymNation, really pushes you to work harder and the big selection of fitness classes available kept me coming back for more”

Mohammed's Top Tips

Tip #1: Don’t depend on a partner.

Depend on yourself if you wish to create a lifestyle out of sports, let others join your passion and don’t join theirs. It won't take long until it becomes a lifestyle, you just have to be patient in the beginning.


Motivation goes away, consistency stays. You’re doing this for yourself, not others. Just always keep note that sport and fitness is not only for weight loss, it’s an anti-depressant and a stress reliever. Meaning, if you’re stressed from work, school, university, and end up working out after that, you will end up feeling better. You have my word.

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Tip #2: Join classes

Don’t be shy, it’s okay!


I joined in with classes not knowing all the moves right away but it becomes a habit. You start to memorize all the movements, and time goes so fast because you are enjoying yourself so much that you don't even realise you are burning hundreds of calories!


Now imagine doing that almost everyday? You build stamina and lose weight in no time at all!


Tip #3: Don’t be too strict with your diet.

If you plan is to lose/gain weight, your diet is the core main reason that’ll help you achieve that, however, in order to achieve that, it needs to become a lifestyle, not a period of time where you become super strict to achieve a certain goal, because you will most likely end up not carrying it through.


If you want to have a snickers bar, have it, just make sure it’s within your daily calorie intake allowance!


Of course, GymNation has an awesome nutritionist that can guide you with your total daily energy expenditure (TDEE) and let you know how to move forward. It’s really that simple. 


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