years using the GymNation facilities.

I also understand that the membership agreement is a 12-month agreement, made up of a minimum of 12 monthly instalments.

This membership is only cancellable under the terms and conditions of membership with valid reasons of:

  • Relocation more than 30km from the Gymnation Motor City
  • Redundancy from employment for the bill payer
  • Health reasons meaning the inability to perform exercise

For any cancelation documentation would be required supporting the reason for the cancelation.

I understand that GymNation are not responsible for my Son/Daughter when they are within the facility and I sign this waiver in acknowledgment that my child is well and able to perform exercise in a safe and healthy way.

 I as the parent will be held accountable for any damage caused by reckless or dangerous behaviour. I as the parent will be informed by the gym of any behaviour not deemed acceptable, including but not limited to: Incorrect use of equipment, not tidying equipment after use, loud or anti-social behaviour, failure to respect GymNation team requests. And I will advise my child against this behaviour as repeat offences would lead to a termination in membership.

I understand that it is not advised that my child uses heavy equipment/ weights and should refrain from overly strenuous exercise.

I understand that any supplementation should not be used by any persons under the age of 18 and that GymNation will not allow the purchase of such products on site but will not be responsible for the consumption of such supplements purchased elsewhere.

Terms and Conditions

  • I agree that my child is at least 13 years old or have GYMNATION Management approval
  • I agree that if under 16 years old will be accompanied by an adult at all times. ENTRY TO THE CLUB WILL BE DENIED WITHOUT AN ADULT!
  • I agree that I understand the Terms & Conditions of the membership I have chosen for my child and am responsible for all payments related to this membership.
  • I agree that my child is has no health reasons that means he/she cannot participate in physical activity.
Thank You !!