5 home gym building and maintenance tips

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Creating a home gym doesn't have to be expensive or unsightly.

Whether you aim to incorporate a bit of movement into your workday or save on gym memberships, setting up an at-home gym is entirely feasible — even in limited space.

Phoebe Zaslav from In The Know put her theory to the test, suggesting that a well-organized home gym setup can blend seamlessly into even the most compact apartments.

"The key to organization is to have a place for everything and to keep everything in its place," Phoebe advised.

An additional benefit of having an organized, designated workout area is that it serves as a "motivation station." This mentally reserved space for exercise won't overlap with your work or sleep areas, minimizing distractions.

For heavy weights, Phoebe recommended using a magazine rack.

"I replaced the books with my 5 lb and 10 lb weights and also added my sliders for Pilates classes," Phoebe explained. "This gives it an antique look, subtly disguising the gym equipment."

For smaller gym items like ankle weights, resistance bands, and small hand weights, Phoebe opted for a clean shoe container.

"I removed a pair of my favorite heels because I won’t be wearing them anytime soon," she said. "I like keeping all my smaller gym equipment here because it's compact and organized."

For larger items like yoga mats, foam rollers, and barre balls, Phoebe used a storage cubby previously designated for extra blankets.

"This setup really felt like a genuine gym to me," she said. "When I see it, I feel highly motivated."

To complete the space, Phoebe added water bottles on top of everything.

"The best way to maintain organization is to return all equipment to its place after each workout," Phoebe advised. "By making it a habit to put everything back where it belongs, the space will remain orderly."

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