618 Attend Yoga Event at Dubai Internet City

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Al Ameen wrapped up its International Day of Yoga celebrations at Dubai Internet City on Sunday, spanning two days of activities.

Al Ameen is a Dubai government initiative that allows citizens to report information related to security, social, economic, or criminal issues.

The events saw enthusiastic participation from various sports and community organizations, drawing 618 attendees.

Activities included yoga demonstrations and informative lectures by organizers on the health and fitness benefits of yoga.

Participants expressed their joy over the positive engagement and efficient organization, both of which contributed to the event's success.

There was also a presentation detailing the services offered by Al Ameen, emphasizing its role in receiving information across various domains, whether security-related, social, economic, or criminal.

All types of information are valuable, regardless of their classification. The service operates 24/7 and can be accessed through multiple communication channels.

This event is part of the wide range of sports activities organized by Al Ameen for different community segments.


Source: gulftoday

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