8 Advantages of Group Personal Training in Dubai

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If you’re thinking to get personal training sessions for weight loss or toning your body, fitness classes or one-on-one personal training are not your only options.


Group personal training is the hybrid variant between one-on-one personal training and fitness classes. As such, it constitutes many more benefits.


A fitness class might be too crowded, and the concentration of the instructor is divided all over the room. Group personal training consists of fewer people and a more specialized service.


Think about it! Human beings are social beings. We thrive when we are in a group. We love competing and learning how other people approach the same problems. This is how we grow.


The fitness realm is no different. All the people who want to reach a goal will not be judgmental. Quite the contrary, they will actually help you thrive and strive for more.


For this reason, and more to come, group personal training is the golden middle that balances the negatives and positives of both other personal training types.


After this article, you can judge for yourself if you’re ready to hire a group personal trainer in Dubai, or everywhere you live.


8 Advantages of Group Personal Training that You Won’t Find Anywhere


  1. More budget-friendly

In group personal training, you will pay less than you would for a one-on-one personal trainer in Dubai. This can be affordable for most people.


Group personal training packages consist of 2-5 people. In the same way that you’ll be sharing the personal trainer, you’ll also share the price of a workout session.


Since the groups will not be that big, the difference between one-one-one and this small group is inconsiderable. You’ll reap the same benefits, added here, of course, the fun and motivation drive you’ll get from your workout buddies.


  1. More fun


You’ll be able to exercise in a range of training techniques and ways, which will also expand your knowledge of fitness and health. Your workout preferences will be clearer, some of which you might want to continue beyond this group.


That being said, you won’t be training according to other people’s preferences or goals. Your personal trainer in Dubai, as it happens in group personal training, will build a plan that is versatile and meets all the goals of all the group members.


  1. Less intimidating


Group personal training takes away the anxiety of being one-on-one with a personal trainer for those people who have a problem with social interaction.


Also, you can follow your own rhythm and pace because the session is still about you. Meanwhile, in the fitness class, the instructor, or the people, will not wait for anyone while the clock is ticking.


  1. More learning

Since your personal trainer in Dubai will have more time for you due to the low number of participants, you will learn the basics of exercise, how to work out, and take care of your body.


Nutrition tips, aiding weight loss, proper form and technique, ways to move more in your everyday life, and other things will be discussed among the group constantly.


Your group members will also teach you valuable things that they’ve learned recently or have incorporated into their lives.


  1. More motivation


Studies show that working in groups keeps people hyped and motivated, which will lead to staying consistent for longer.


Thus, the workout will become more efficient, and you won’t be taking it too slow or complaining, since you know you will undermine the entire group's efforts.


  1. Staying accountable and consistent


Nobody will notice if you skip a fitness class if you don’t have any friends there. Meanwhile, in group personal training, everyone will wonder where you are.


The bond in a smaller group is stronger, and they will help you in the days when you want to skip or create false excuses. Your workout buddies will be the ones to push you to hustle each of your sessions.


  1. Pushing your limits

In a small group, you can notice the changes and progress of each group member, which will teach you how to pass your own stalemate moments.


And you’ll want more. You’ll want to be on top of the group, that’s why you will push yourself. Others will be a source of inspiration, rather than intimidation.


  1. Sharing your problems about health and fitness and interacting with others in the group


Many fitness facilities, gyms, or personal trainers in Dubai offer the chance to make your own group. You can go with your friends or people you don’t know depending on what your gym or personal trainer offers.


You will still reach your goals, but do so with the support of a team, and by seeing how other people react to the same routine and goals.


A group that has the same goal, let’s say weight loss, will discuss that during the sessions, and you constantly learn.


They will share their tricks or questions with the personal trainer while you’re working, making it an enjoyable and fulfilling experience for everyone.


Group Personal Training versus Fitness Classes

Gym or fitness classes such as Pilates, Zumba, yoga, TRX System, and Spin classes have many more participants. Everyone receives the same routine in a generalized service with a personal trainer. The personal trainer is instructing everyone at the same time, on the same routine.


In group personal training, the personal trainer will create customized training for you and allow you to achieve your goals individually while training together with other people. All the members don't need to have the same pace or exercises.


Also, you won’t be doing the same thing, and feel like this is a waste of your time, due to the routine being too easy or too hard for you. In group personal training, the PT will still guarantee you get the routine that fits your level, goals, and preferences while still working out in a small group.


Different facilities have a different number of places that attend these group personal training. Some of them allow you to check who’s in that group and choose the best for you.


And, if you’re thinking of starting this fitness journey with your partner, friends, or colleagues, you absolutely can. This will push you to get closer together and become a better version of yourselves.


At the same time, you don’t have to have the same goals. If your friend's goal is weight loss, but yours is more into weightlifting, nothing will stop you train for different goals while still being in the same space.


Don’t think this is going to be too much for the PT, since any personal trainer in Dubai persons will be specialized and well versed on how to keep their concentration equally in all of their clients and meet the demands of the group.

How to Find the Best Group Personal Trainer Near Me, in Dubai, UAE


Choosing your group and your personal trainer in Dubai might feel like a lot of work, and many opt for the fitness group/class option or a one-on-one. But you can go two ways:


First, try to see if your friends or acquittances might have expressed some sort of interest in having some group fitness workouts with an instructor. If yes, then you’re lucky.


Next, search for a personal trainer in Dubai that you think might be best for you and your goals.


Google 'personal trainer in Dubai near me' and see the results. Research those that meet your budget, needs, and proximity, and contact them to see if you’re a fit.


Let them know about your specific goals, such as weight loss, muscle building, bodyweight workouts, or weightlifting.


Another way is to seek a gym membership and ask if they offer such a thing. Maybe you’ll find the best group personal training near me in your gym.


For that, you might have to pay an added fee or opt out of the gym membership altogether and just pay for the group personal training.


Last Words

Now that you’re familiar with this opportunity, weigh the pros and cons, and at least try a few sessions with a personal trainer in Dubai in a small group.


Weight loss, muscle gains, toning, and other achievements are just a few steps and many, many funny moments away.