Bodybuilding with a Bodyguard | Q&A with Personal Trainer Ty Kubiak

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“When you work for security detail who protect people like Beyoncé, Angelina Jolie, Eminem and work directly with members of the British Royal Family, being the big guy isn’t enough” - Ty Kubiak


Meet Ty, a talented personal trainer with an extensive fitness background and multi-faceted skill set. Ty has always had a passion for strength and weight training, sports, health, and fitness. He developed skills early on in sports like golf, tennis, even representing a team in Super League indoor cricket. Three decades in Martial arts has given him three black belts across six Martial Arts, and he is a Defensive Tactics/Martial Arts Instructor.


Ty's career then expanded into high profile security, where for 8 years he worked in Executive Protection as a bodyguard, protecting some of the world’s biggest celebrities and VIPs which pushed his training to even higher extremes, such as working with former SAS soldiers, Reality-Based experts, and fellow security experts and trainers from across the globe.


How fit do you need to be to serve as a bodyguard?


“Being physically fit is paramount. You never know when you may have to run, jump, utilize endurance or power, strength and speed. You have to be physically at your peak, constantly ready for any situation that arises.”



Why did you decide to become a personal trainer?

"Working in Australia with some of the best health and fitness professionals, I honed skills in interval training, circuits, hypertrophy, and sports-specific training. I also developed a passion for strongman training and powerlifting. With all my experience and different methods of training, I wanted to pass on that knowledge and help other people with health and fitness related goals. Becoming a PT Coach was a natural decision to make."


Most of your early clients were sports people. From Rugby League to long-distance runners, fighters and everyday people. How did you modify your methods to cater to each client?


“Not every client is the same, they all have differing goals, skill sets, and abilities. As a personal trainer, I create bespoke training programs to get results for every client. There is no "one-size-fits-all" program. Understanding specificity is key. I develop a ‘Client Specific - Multi-Method Strategy’- using everything I’ve learned in 30+ years training and coaching to give clients the best programming, specific to their goals alone. It allows me to use endless aspects for strength and conditioning, fat loss and fitness using calorific and energy manipulation and building quality lean body mass."



Tell us more about your training style:


"I use skill sets from bodybuilding, various anaerobic and aerobic methods, H.I.I.T, facets of endurance, functional training, Strongman and Powerlifting principles, even my Defensive Tactics skills. I guide clients in developing skills using correct body positioning, stretching, active recovery methods and principles of nutrition. I also take clients with injuries, difficulties, and causes for rehabilitation."



Why do clients choose to train with you?


"The biggest selling point for my clients is the continual challenge. No two workouts are the same. I use some elements and exercises repeatedly, but with different variables and always in a different format. This challenges the client and forces the body to change. Driving client results challenges me as a coach. I program with pen and paper so my clients can see the work I put into them on an individual level. They have confidence in me to deliver results.”


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