Choosing a gym in Dubai



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You’ve decided you want to get in shape and get some exercise in: perhaps you want to put on some muscle, improve your endurance, or enjoy some weight loss. You want a gym, so you look up what’s in your local area. Well, there are hundreds of gyms in Dubai, which means potentially choosing from hundreds of gyms near you. Whilst the choice is nice, it can be overwhelming, and it can be hard to choose where best to get your exercise in.

Luckily, there are ways to whittle down your options so that you can make a good choice. Don’t simply search ‘GYMS NEAR ME’ and get your trainers on: give it some thought and follow these five simple rules.


1. Go local

Despite your enthusiasm now, you won’t always want to drag yourself halfway across town to some of the more remote gyms in Dubai. Go with one that is a reasonable distance from you, so that you can be sure you will attend. Make sure transport (or parking) is manageable.

So, perhaps search ‘GYMS IN MOTOR CITY’ if you live there… but also follow these four other rules when choosing.


2. Check for a good mix of (clean!) machines

Take a look at the facilities in any potential gym you may be looking at. Either go online or visit them and ask to take a look around. Most gyms will oblige you: if not, cross them off your list and move on. You want to make sure that there is plenty of variety with their equipment, and that they have enough of everything. 

Do bear in mind as well that gyms can be a little bit disgusting. That many sweating bodies and that much humidity makes for a bit of a petri dish. Take a good look at their kit, ask the staff how often everything is cleaned, and take a peek into the changing rooms. If it’s up to standard, great: if not, move on.


3. Scrutinize the contract

If a staff member offers you something, make sure to get it in writing. Read all the small print. If anything looks out of place, ask: if there are no good answers, move on. Make sure that there are no hidden fees, that you can get out of your membership when you want (or at least within a reasonable window- say a couple of months), and what extra perks come with any deals on offer. 

There are enough gyms in Dubai that they will be competitive: make the most out of it.


4. Pay for what you want

This being said, it sometimes pays to pay a little more. If you’re offered a rock bottom price for a deal that doesn’t suit you, don’t take them up on it. If you want particular classes or services, be prepared to pay for them: you will only benefit in the long run. Make sure that whatever gym you go with has everything you want (and they don’t charge you for anything else!) If you need weight loss, make sure there are classes for it and trainers on hand to advise you; if you want to build muscle, make sure they have a fully stocked weights room, intense classes, and strength coaches to consult.


5. Feel the vibe

This is perhaps the most important item on our list. What is the culture at the gym? What are the staff like, what are their patrons like, and what house rules are there? If it all suits you and you find it inspiring, fantastic: this is the gym for you. Weight loss, hypertrophy, relaxation… whatever your goal, it will be more easily met. If not: move on.


There are enough options for gyms wherever you may live, there are gyms from Mirdif to gyms in Silicon Oasis for your wish list to be met. Likely, there will be one near enough to make sense that fulfills all the above criteria, that will supercharge your exercise and allow you to hit your goals in the happiest, smoothest manner possible. Just remember to scrutinize and be picky- you will win in the long run.