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Corporate gym memberships UAE


The UAE is a world-leading powerhouse of global business and trade. Workers flock to Dubai and Abu Dhabi to put their skills to good use. However, tempting the best of the best takes a bit of something extra, which is where corporate gym memberships and the UAE should go hand in hand.


Here are some good reasons for your company adopting corporate gym memberships.


1. You can help to maintain a happy, healthy workforce

A workforce that keeps fit will be healthier, with a greater level of wellbeing by almost all known metrics and will ultimately be far more driven and efficient.

It’s simple and obvious, but it is worth bearing in mind when working out what perks to offer your employees, especially when considering gyms in Dubai.


Fitness is often a barrier to health, especially for hard working employees who rarely take much downtime.

However, corporate gym rates help to overcome this barrier: if you remove the financial barrier to gyms and inspire your workforce to go to the same nearby gym in Dubai, together, as a fun, enjoyable exercise, your employees will find it much easier to stay in shape.


2. Your whole team will stay productive

Providing corporate gym memberships are cost effective for employers for several reasons.

The first is what it will do for productivity rates across the board: a team that stays fit and healthy will be far more capable of producing the world class work that the UAE needs.


Employees who take part in regular exercise are healthier will be less likely to need days off sick. This is an obvious bonus to any employer, as their workforce stays at fuller capacity.

It’s also obviously good for employees, who won’t have to suffer the kinds of sickness that chronic unfitness often brings.

In addition, exercise will help your employees to achieve better sleep, to overcome symptoms of stress, to maintain healthier body fat levels and protect them against chronic health conditions like heart disease and diabetes.


Gym memberships are a lot cheaper than dealing with any of the kinds of long-term, chronic health conditions that diminish wellbeing and cost money on all fronts as people take time off work and health insurance premiums are hit.

Regular exercise can overcome many of these issues.



3. It all ends up paying for itself

You won’t just make your money back from corporate gym memberships with improved productivity and heightened talent: GymNation corporate gym membership rates are the most affordable up in the UAE and will mean your workers are happier, more motivated individuals, more willing to work harder than ever before!