COVID-19: How to Keep Yourself Protected While Working Out in the Gym?

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As soon as the world was impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, places such as gyms, community centers, restaurants experienced forced closure in many countries. Although the pandemic is not over yet, these places have started to reopen in some regions of the world, with Dubai being the prominent one.

Community gyms in Dubai were allowed to resume their operations from May 31st, albeit with the capacity not more than 50%. However, the Dubai Sports Council (DSC), in their latest announcement, has further relaxed COVID-19.

Gyms and fitness centers can now operate at 100% capacity. However, this doesn’t imply that all the rules that were earlier imposed should be avoided.

It is still mandatory to follow SOPs and other guidance as imposed by the authorities in Dubai.

Here are some of the rules you can follow to keep yourself protected against the coronavirus while working towards achieving your fitness goal:


Follow social distancing norms

Whether it’s the gym or a shopping center, maintain social distance with others.

Make a point to not stand too close to anyone else in the gym.

There should be a distance of at least 2 meters between you and the next person.

Even if the other person doesn’t show any symptoms, it is still advised to adopt social distancing norms and maintain a safe distance with others even if you work out in the best gym in Dubai.


Wear a mask

It may seem to be a tedious task but wearing a mask is compulsory while you are in the gym.

It helps to restrict the chances of virus spread.

Not only the gym users, but operators are also advised to wear masks at all times.

According to guidelines, masks are permitted to be removed/lowered during strenuous exercise but need to be worn when moving between machines and on your way in and out of the gym.

Sanitize your hands

Since the cure for the virus hasn’t been discovered yet, our only way to stay protected against it is following the SOPs and basic hygiene practices.

Among them, using hand sanitizers is highly recommended.

This can greatly limit your chances of getting infected with the virus.

Thus, it is advised to use a quality hand sanitizer not only while entering the gym, make a point to sanitize your hands before and after using any shared equipment present in the gym.