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Scheduled to launch later this year, CRANK, renowned for its high-energy fitness sessions, is preparing to open a new studio in Dubai.

This will be their second studio in the city and third overall in the UAE, with the other location in Abu Dhabi.

The new CRANK Town Square studio, set to open by year-end, will feature all the popular elements from the original location, along with some exciting new additions. Nuno Costa, CRANK's co-founder, shared exclusive insights with What’s On regarding the new venture.

Expanding to a New Neighborhood

Nuno, congratulations on announcing the third CRANK studio in the UAE! What motivated you to choose this specific location?

"Thank you! We’re thrilled. Our existing studios in Dubai's Alserkal Avenue and Abu Dhabi's Shaikha Fatima Park are in prominent landmarks.

We felt it was time to bring our brand to a suburban neighborhood in Dubai, where boutique fitness options are limited.

Thus, we decided on the vibrant community of Town Square. Given our commitment to fostering a strong community, it's a perfect fit."

The Journey of CRANK

CRANK has become a well-known name in the UAE fitness scene. Did you anticipate such growth when you started?

"Honestly, I never expected to build a career in fitness. Co-founding CRANK wasn't something I had planned.

But with our incredible team and their dedication, it's no surprise CRANK has grown significantly, and we're not stopping here."

What Makes CRANK Unique?

What distinguishes CRANK from other boutique gyms in the region?

"There are three key factors. First, our classes offer an experience akin to a nightclub, featuring advanced lighting and sound systems.

We were pioneers in the region for this setup. Second, we prioritize a strong sense of community, organizing events and themed classes to keep our CRANKsters engaged. Our team is genuinely welcoming; you'll always feel at home here.

Lastly, our team environment is exceptional. We have a respectful, ego-free team that supports each other.

We share classes, music, and even co-teach. Our positive vibe attracts a great community."

What to Expect from the New Studio

When will the new studio open and can you reveal any special features?

"We’re targeting a year-end opening. We'll offer our signature RIDE and SHAPE classes and introduce a new, unique workout class.

While I can't divulge details yet, our instructors are eager to teach it!"

High-Energy Playlists

What tracks do you favor for a high-energy spin class?

"I love incorporating EDM and Drum and Bass into my classes. Swedish House Mafia are my absolute favorites, especially the track 'Greyhound'.

It's special to us because we used it to test our very first studio's sound system. It never gets old."

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