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The benefits

CrossFit Dubai gyms, known as ‘boxes’ by their attendees, began springing up all over the world a few years ago. They remain popular today. But what goes on there: what benefits can taking part in CrossFit training and bring for you?


CrossFit is a very popular fitness class combining many disciplines- from weightlifting to powerlifting, to high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and beyond- into what they term ‘high-intensity power fitness’ (HIPT). Typically, a CrossFit in Dubai gym workout will offer a combination of such dynamic exercises as:


  • Olympic weightlifting
  • kettlebell work
  • explosive bodyweight movements, including plyometric jumping
  • gymnastics

What is stopping you from trying out CrossFit in Dubai?


This approach brings about some serious advantages. With it, it brings some great benefits. Benefits of Dubai CrossFit gym training may include:


An increase in physical strength

Many training methods are taken directly from strength athletics, with a great emphasis on Olympic and powerlifting methodology and movements. Exercises like the deadlift, the clean and the squat feature heavily in any CrossFit program, leading to a great deal of full-body strength training and hypertrophy.


Their ‘Workouts of the Day’ (WODs) are often designed with this in mind and will revolve around large, compound movements that are typically heavily loaded.


An increase in aerobic fitness

Dubai CrossFit training doesn’t stop from the moment you buy your gym membership and enter the CrossFit box. Workouts are usually against the clock, and scheduled around timed circuits and challenges.


This will increase your VO2 max and will lower your resting heart rate, both of which are fundamental to maintaining cardiovascular and aerobic fitness.


An improved ability to manage weight

Training in this style is very energetically- and metabolically- demanding. You can typically burn 13-18 calories per minute in a CrossFit gym, which can be roughly twice what an average gym session will see you use.


In addition, the muscle you build through learning and perfecting the required movements will increase your basal metabolic rate (BMR), meaning that you will burn more energy at rest.


This increased energy use will obviously have a knock-on effect that will ultimately lead to more body fat being burned.


An improvement to other athletic markers

CrossFit gyms in Dubai typically focus on quite functional movements- movements with carryover, or that mimic, athletic movements we use in everyday life. Rather than simply strengthening your leg muscles, you will be taught how to generate force, how to jump, spring, and balance. Rather than simply putting muscle across your back, your posterior chain will be worked explosively.


You will see a marked improvement in flexibility, balance, agility, power output, and coordination across your entire body and within every muscle grouping.


There are many benefits to attending a CrossFit gym, or box. CrossFit training includes a good mixture of aerobic, strength, explosive, flexibility, and agility training so that you will be a more well-rounded athlete.