6 Key Differences Between Weight Loss Failure and Success

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At some point, you’ve probably started your weight loss journey full of expectations and hope. Whether it’s a new year or a new season, people often make wonderful resolutions but fail to push through. We take a look at the key differences between weight loss success and failure.

When you make a new resolution it’s important to actually stick with it. But why do so many people fail before they’ve even begun? It’s mostly about mindset, being realistic, and of course, having the right motivation. We look at a few aspects that can make you successful.

  1. Get Your Mindset Right

There can be a lot of things that hinder your fat loss success; your age, fitness level, diet, genetics, stress levels and gender play an important role. But none of these should stop you. It’s all about getting your mindset right, so where you can list the reasons why you can’t lose weight, you can rather use them to work out a solid plan to lose weight. Have a busy lifestyle? Work around it or get up earlier. Metabolism slow? Work to increase it naturally. The list goes on.

  1. Know What Drives You

Why do you want to lose weight? You need to know what your goal is, and it has to be a good reason. If you want to lose weight just because all your friends said they want to do it, it’s not good enough. If you want to make a genuine change in your lifestyle for the better, and want to look and feel your absolute best, you’ll have a pretty good reason to drive you.

  1. Don’t Go on a Diet

Instead of going on a very restrictive diet, which you will eventually give up on, adjust your eating habits. Stick to the basics, replace the bad with the good, and you’ll see results. Unhealthy people take bad diet advice right from the start, and they soon go back to ‘eating normally’, which was unhealthy to say the least. Temporary changes in your diet will bring only temporary changes in your weight, too.

  1. Know What You Are Eating

Simply choosing foods that people tell you to, won’t necessarily be a smart choice. Know what you are eating, and why you are eating it. Changing your eating habits is probably the single most effective thing you can do to achieve weight loss in 2019. Whether it’s portion control, food groups, or food timing – learn what you are eating, why you are eating it, and how you can use this to fuel your energy levels and support your weight loss goals.

  1. Exercise Should Not Be Punishment

Unhealthy people will treat exercise as a horrible experience that they just tolerate until they no longer have to. When in fact, exercise should be something you get to do, not have to do. Build healthy exercise habits, find a schedule that works, see the benefits in what you do, or even train in a group or with friends. You need to make sure that you can look forward to exercising.

  1. Know Your Weaknesses

We all have flaws, every single one of us. For example, if you eat out of habit or when emotional, plan for it rather than fighting it every day. Hold yourself accountable and check in on your goals regularly. Don’t try and be perfect but manage your lifestyle effectively and you’ll start seeing results faster than you thought possible. And stick to it!

Losing weight doesn’t have to feel like punishment, but rather like something you want to do, so make sure you assess your goals, work out a realistic program and enjoy the journey.