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Dubai Fitness Challenge


Thousands of people got involved in the 2021 Fitness Challenge Dubai, hundreds of thousands of hours of exercise were enjoyed (or, at least, endured!) and there is no telling how much sweat was shed - whatever metric you look at, people got involved and made use of the many benefits on offer in and around the gyms near me!


What is Dubai30x30?


The Dubai Fitness Challenge is an annual celebration of the world of fitness. It challenges everyone in the city to complete 30 minutes of activity every day for 30 days and hosts all the events needed to make this achievable.


It was launched in 2017 by Shaikh Hamdan Bin Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of Dubai Executive Council. Its aims were to get Dubai residents moving, galvanizing them towards a fitter, more active, healthier lifestyle. It runs for a full month and is packed with exciting fitness classes, events and wellness-focused entertainment, all aimed at showing citizens of Dubai the benefits of an active lifestyle, fostering fitness-focussed mindsets, and teaching people how to make it happen.


Running from October 29th to November 27th, Dubai Fitness Challenge 2019 once again welcomed their two flagship Fitness Villages at Festival City Mall and Kite Beach, supplemented by 10 community-focused Fitness Hubs, over 40 fitness events and more than 5,000 fitness and health programs spread across the city, allowing this vision to come to fruition.


During the Dubai Fitness Challenge 2021, over 10,000 free fitness classes were available via the Dubai Fitness app, as gyms and studios opened their doors to Dubai Fitness Challenge participants. Residents were treated to classes ranging from Zumba, spinning, and HIIT, to Pilates, yoga and much, much more, all ensuring that there was a full panoply of things on offer to help them complete their own Dubai 30x30.


The Dubai Fitness Challenge 2021: highlights


Activities began on October 18th, kicking things off with fireworks displays at the Fitness Villages, giving us our first highlight. These were followed by an evening display at the Kite Beach Fitness Village as Dubai residents were shown the full potential offered by an active lifestyle.


Alongside these celebrations, there were a few new additions to the Dubai Fitness Challenge 2022 that are worth mentioning.


First up is an initiative called ‘Find Your 30’, a new virtual platform on the Dubai Fitness Challenge website. Find Your 30 provides a great variety of freely accessible content for users across the city. These are all packaged in easy-to-digest formats including articles, videos, vlogs, podcasts, and daily challenges, supplying great educational content to everybody involved.


We also saw a new addition to the Dubai Fitness Challenge 2020 in the form of ‘City is a Gym,’ as the organisers continued to make use of technology to get as many people involved as possible and making sure they made the most of their gym membership. ‘City is a Gym’ was a virtual map that highlighted 30 free workout zones at different venues across the city.


To make sure that as many people as possible had access to a full range of exercise styles and workouts, Dubai Fitness Challenge 2021 introduced ten Fitness Hubs in communities across the city. These hubs were set up to provide participants with the chance to experience a broad range of activities, ranging from spinning and self-defense, to yoga, Pilates, dance classes, and a lot more, all for free.


In these new initiatives, it’s easy to see why the Dubai Fitness Challenge 2021 was the most inclusive yet, with organisers going to great lengths to ensure that nobody in the city is precluded from learning about fitness and living an active lifestyle.


Indeed, this year saw over 1 million people get involved. Over a quarter of a million people visiting the two fitness villages, whilst hundreds of thousands more took part across participating venues throughout the city. Dubai Fitness Challenge 2021 included over 13,000 classes and activities, from community runs to mass yoga gatherings to triathlons in the Hatta hills and on the Palm Jumeirah.


Regardless of age or ability, there were events across Dubai open that opened up fitness for everybody.


This is a trend set to continue with Dubai Fitness Challenge 2022 as organisers once more go all out to outdo themselves.