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Highlights of the Dubai Fitness Challenge 2022

The Dubai Fitness Challenge is a 30-day long annual activity that celebrates good health, wellness, and fitness. It was first started in 2017 with an idea to turn the entire city into one big gym membership, better known as the city gym. Everyone is invited to work on their physical health, along with their neighbors and family members.


The event goes on for 30 days, and everyone who participates should commit to a 30-minute physical activity challenge throughout the entire event. Dubai's residents have taken up the challenge, and today, it's one of the most popular and anticipated fitness events in the city. Keep reading and learn everything about what to expect from Dubai Fitness Challenge.


The concept of the event

The Dubai Fitness Challenge takes place from October 29th - November 27th. The concept is to make as many people, including children, realize the importance of regular physical exercise and the many benefits it provides.


The project was launched by Shaikh Hamdan Bin Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Crown Prince of Dubai. The month-long event takes place in over 40 different locations, spread across over 5,000 fitness programs and fitness classes.


Turning the entire city into an outdoor Dubai gym turned out to be an excellent idea as thousands of people attended the challenge every year. The many events that are a part of the fitness challenges are unique, and some of them offer valuable money prizes daily. There are many different activities for everyone's fitness level, including physical exercises, circuit training, running, beach sports events, and so on.


The attendance

The number of people that want to be a part of the fitness challenge keeps growing every year. The Dubai Fitness Challenge 2020 had over 1.1 million participants. The biggest events were the Fitness Villages at Kite Beach and the Festival City Mall, where close to 300,000 people of all ages underwent a series of physical programs fitness classes.


The Dubai 30x30 event is divided into 11 main fitness hubs across the entire city. Anyone who wants to participate can do so for free. One of the most popular ones is the “City is a Gym” activity that takes place in over 30 popular locations all over the city.


The most prominent event was the Sheikh Zayed Road run, which gathered over 70,000 runners. All of the people who became a part of this event could work on their fitness with activities ranging from Les Mills BodyPump, street workouts, Zumba classes, yoga, pilates, etc.


What was the event about

Getting regular exercise should be on everyone's list, and the city officials in Dubai know that for a fact. A fitness 30-day challenge is a perfect event with a simple goal of teaching people how to live healthier.


The community-focused event is designed to teach the residents about the importance of physical activity, kickstarting a new trend with positive long-term results. With over 13,000 activities all across the city, it's expected that Dubai fitness challenge will attract even more people this year.


The event was such a huge success, and it quickly got a complimentary app called Dubai Fitness App. The app allows each participant to keep track of their progress throughout the entire 30-day period. It works with other fitness apps, and there's a leaderboard, so people get a little competitive push to achieve better results. It's a fantastic idea that turned out to be very useful as well.


Who organizes the event

The original event took place in 2017. It was organized by the Crown Prince of Dubai and a Chairman of Dubai Executive Council, Shaikh Hamdan Bin Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum. The Prince is well aware of the problems caused by the modern way of living, and he wanted to create something that will motivate his fellow citizens to start training and working on their health.


It's clear that the Prince spared no expense to organize the many events all across the city. Since the Dubai 30x30 event became so popular quickly, it's expected to grow even more in the following years.



The fitness challenge Dubai is becoming a hugely popular event that can stand right next to the world’s biggest fitness events. More and more people worldwide flock to Dubai in October, hoping to get a great exercise while exploring this beautiful desert city. The event is sure to grow in the future, and if only 10% of the people who attend keep exercising regularly, the event is a complete success.