Dubai's Fitness Service Market: Exploring Growth and Opportunities from 2024 to 2032

Dubai's Fitness Service Market


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Market Analysis:

The Dubai fitness market, characterized by its moderately fragmented nature, is on the brink of significant expansion.

This growth is fueled by an increasing demand for fitness services and a surge in community oriented classes within Dubai's fitness centers.

Predominantly reliant on imports, the market sees a majority of its fitness equipment and resources coming from the USA and China.

The total addressable market in UAE for fitness services has been expanding.

Various factors supporting growth include heavy expenditure by companies towards brand promotion activities & marketing including television advertisements, celebrity promotions, newspaper advertisement |

so as to maintain fitness centers visibility, increase in population especially having age (15-64) years has been the largest end-user segment of the market.

The expansion of the health-conscious demographic, coupled with rising disposable incomes and heightened awareness about obesity, diabetes, hypertension, and cardiovascular diseases, are key drivers fueling the demand for fitness service centers in the UAE.

Dubai Fitness Services industry is catered by the domestic and international players such as Fitness First, warehouse gym, GymNation & well fit are amongst the top players in the industry.

Dubai Fitness Services Market Analysis

Fitness equipment market in Dubai is import driven with majority of imports happening from USA and China.

UAE fitness equipment market expected to grow at a CAGR of $% by 2027 driven by Increasing financial stability of consumers and opening up of women’s dedicated gyms.

Opening up of ladies dedicated gyms with female professional trainers to guide woman’s pursuing exercises has created new segment and increased the female memberships in the country.

Majority of the equipment’s are imported from countries such as China, US and Italy; with China being the major importer of the fitness equipment in UAE.

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Key Trends by Market Segment:

By Gender: Male segment maintains a dominant market share as of 2022, indicating its continued stronghold in the upcoming years.

However, opening up of women centric gyms such as Fit Social set up in a 30,000 sq ft large facility as More than 30% UAE women suffer from obesity while a further 34% UAE women remain overweightis being taking place suggesting a further upsurge in the upcoming years.

By Age Group of Subscribers: The age group between 41-50 years continues to dominate the market as of 2022.

One of the main reasons being high prevalence of diseases such as obesity & other weight related issues. Active lifestyle has also been found to reduce the risk of heart illnesses & cognitive ailments.

Competitive Landscape:

Gymnation and Warehouse have become established Players as they understood the market well in terms of pricing and customizing services according to the locality, Wellfit is disrupting the Market since inception.

The top 10 Chained Fitness Centers, having 75 Gyms in Dubai are contributing over 60% of the total market share on the basis of number of centers in 2022.

51 Gym, BOXIQ and Chalk training Ground are some of the top independent players in Dubai with majority of the top independent gyms are offering Gymnasium, boxing, Cycling and Pilates.

Recent Developments:

The Dubai Sports Council said the first-of-its kind classification system will rate centers with a maximum of five stars in cooperation with “international experts”.

Dubai Sports Council (DSC) approves first-ever fitness center classification system.

The classification system includes 17 criteria and 82 sub-indicators through which all fitness centers are evaluated by specialized and qualified teams, a release said.

Digital innovation, Rapid Tourism growth and active-ageing population are reshaping fitness centers into luxury social hubs with major hotels and residential compounds incorporating centers in their properties.

Future Outlook:

The market will grow at a CAGR of $% during 2022-2027 due to increasing health awareness, rising disposable income and increasing tech driven fitness in Dubai

Personal training studios, boutique studios, and new gym models are predicted to help accelerate the commercial gym industry’s rapid expansion.

Boutique gyms will become more popular as people focus on doing certain activities where they want results and not on the overall body

Jumeriah is expected to have around 20% of the gyms in Dubai whereas 1 Month subscription is expected to generate around 44% of the revenue in 2027

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