Eye on Health: Sticking with fitness goals

Eye On Health Sticking With Fitness Goals


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January often symbolizes a new beginning or a chance to start anew for many people.

It's hardly surprising that gyms see a surge in popularity during this period, with individuals eager to fulfill their health and fitness resolutions for the new year.

Our visit to Beacon Health and Fitness provided insights into how to set and maintain achievable goals throughout 2024.

Beacon Health and Fitness is seeing an influx of new members,

But how do you make sure your health and fitness journey doesn’t come to a halt just a few weeks into the new year?

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The key may be in setting a SMART goal.

“Smart stands for - specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time bound, says Fitness specialist Lacie Klopfenstein,

“You start going once, twice, three times a week and slowly increase that way. You go after work sometimes, make it a part of your lifestyle so it’s easier to reach your goals and obtain them over a longer period of time, says Fitness specialist Katie Budzius.

At Beacon Health and Fitness, new members at any of the four locations have access to fitness specialists, personal trainers, and nutritionists.

“You are with a fitness specialist, and we walk you around the gym we show you the different machines one on one we let you sit on them, we let you try them out.

We show you proper form and technique and give you a sheet of paper that tells you our recommendations for your sets or reps,” says Budzius.

Every new client gets a free personal training trial to work more in depth on YOUR goals.

Group classes are also a way to hold yourself accountable.

The affiliation with Beacon Health System allows Beacon Physicians to communicate about your health and fitness journey and YOUR specific needs.

“We have systems where say you have a surgery, you’re sent to physical therapy that PT can refer that individual to beacon health and fitness for post therapy exercise,” says Klopfenstein.

Nutrition is also an important piece of the puzzle.

Fitness specialists tell us some beneficial goals to set include drinking more water and trying to eat more whole foods.

A good rule is if you know where the food you're eating comes from and you can track its origins - it usually is a healthier option.

“You have to exercise and move your body to burn calories but if your diet isn’t good and you’re eating more calories than you’re expending you won’t see results,” says Klopfenstein.

It is also never too late to set goals - incorporating fitness and healthier food options into your everyday routine can make those goals more achievable.

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