'Fight Night V' Returns to Thrill Sri Lanka

Fight Night V


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Get ready for an electrifying experience as Combat by Jesh presents ‘Fight Night V powered by Fitness First LK’ on July 27th, 2024, at the Royal MAS Arena in Colombo 7, starting from 1 pm. 

This event promises to showcase an array of talents in Boxing, MMA, and Kickboxing, all under the expert supervision of Coach Jesh.

Starting as a small initiative, ‘Fight Night’ has evolved into Sri Lanka’s leading combat sports event, consistently held at the Royal MAS Arena for the past four years.

This year, Fight Night V aims to create an inclusive platform where fighters of all backgrounds and skill levels compete equally, a vision strongly supported by Coach Jesh.

With 25 years of professional fighting experience and 52 international placements, Coach Jesh embodies Sri Lanka’s martial arts excellence.

He is the first and only Sri Lankan Martial Artist to have triumphed across all six states of Australia.

According to Coach Jesh, “Fight Night V changes matchmaking by pairing fighters based on weight and experience level, ensuring well-matched opponents for everyone.”

This year, the event introduces a ‘Touch Boxing’ segment for children aged 4 to 8, promoting early involvement in combat sports within a safe environment.

Additionally, an exhibition bout featuring a special needs child highlights the event’s commitment to inclusivity and community unity.

Fight Night V also debuts the women’s ‘Pink Belt’ championship, co-sponsored by BeWAXed and Swastha, which provides a platform for female fighters to demonstrate their skills in a traditionally male-dominated sport.

International participants include a seasoned Russian boxer, the current USA under-13 Boxing Champion, and a UK MMA fighter, emphasizing Fight Night V’s global appeal.

With representation from 16 clubs and 3 independent fighters, many of whom are highly decorated, Fight Night V promises intense competition across various weight classes.

The objective of Fight Night is to promote Boxing and MMA as inclusive sports for all ages, cultivating a diverse audience and providing essential support to clubs and fighters—whether newcomers or veterans—helping them gain the confidence to pursue professional careers.

This year, we are excited to feature schools, campuses, and fighters from leading corporates competing against each other.

All Boxing events will strictly follow IBA rules, ensuring fair and regulated competition.

Supported by sponsors like Cafe Kinross, Nawaloka Wellness Centre, FOA, Yetti, Merc Stop, Hydra, BeWAXed, Pure Hydra, and Alcom, Fight Night V powered by Fitness First LK prioritizes participant health and wellness with comprehensive services.

Tickets for ‘Fight Night V powered by Fitness First LK’ are available through Fitness First LK. Don’t miss this thrilling event!


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