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Summer is quickly approaching, making it the perfect time to get your fitness in check. Why not switch up your routine with a variety of classes?


Welcome to FitGround.


As one of the capital’s newest fitness studios, having opened last month on Saadiyat Island, FitGround offers a variety of classes that combine physical fitness with overall well-being.


Moving away from fad workouts or large-scale approaches, FitGround focuses on long-term sustainable wellness goals by encouraging a consistent lifestyle, offering an array of heart-pumping workouts while fostering a sense of community.


The space boasts an open gym area accessible to all its members and also includes three purpose-built studios for specialized workouts. These consist of a functional fitness studio, currently home to the ‘Strength and Conditioning’, ‘Metcon’, and ‘Weight Lifting’ workouts. These classes are not for the faint-hearted.


The space also features an impressive boxing studio which holds a ‘Boxing Tech Class’ and a ‘Boxing & Workout’ class. Additionally, FitGround offers its ‘Rumble Workout’ in this space, a special 90-minute class that combines boxing and ‘Metcon’.


Last but not least is the Climb Studio, bringing the capital’s first-ever VersaClimber to its members. This studio hosts FitGround’s signature ‘Just Climb’ classes, as well as ‘Power Climb’ and ‘Climb & Workout’.


Catering to the needs of its female members, FitGround has a special ‘Women Only’ entryway, providing ladies direct access from the privacy of the changing room straight to the Climb Studio.


FitGround also offers a ‘Polar Workout’, an intense hour-long session followed by an ice bath to aid in muscular recovery. Fancy a protein shake or want to supercharge your workouts with creatine or aid recovery with collagen? FitGround features a coffee and protein bar, ideal for a pre-workout boost or a protein load-up right after.


No matter your fitness vibe, you’re bound to find it here. If you’re looking for other classes that turn up the intensity across the city, be sure to check out our roundup of the best HIIT classes (burpees, anyone?).


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Bring on those endorphins.


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