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Now that the world is gradually emerging from lockdowns and remote work routines, it’s time to tackle that “Quarantine 15” many have gained!

Whether you have travel plans and want to work on your summer body or simply aim to feel fitter and healthier, there’s no need to worry.

Even if your most significant movement over the past year was walking from the TV to the fridge, Saudi Arabia offers plenty of gyms where workouts are genuinely enjoyable.

Yes, you heard that right.

Interval Crossfit

Step out of your comfort zone, and you might just find yourself falling in love with this workout concept like many others have.

Forget the intimidating stereotypes of lifting super heavy weights. Crossfit is about continually challenging yourself with functional movements that make you stronger for everyday activities and conditioning.

The sense of community at Crossfit is strong, so you might make some new friends while getting fit.

Both men and women can join the fitness craze at Interval, with locations for both genders in Jeddah and Riyadh.


Located in Riyadh and Khobar, this ladies' gym offers a variety of classes to keep boredom at bay.

They are best known for their spin classes, where you'll definitely feel the burn—in a good way.

Spin enthusiasts swear by these classes, as it's an excellent way to get into the zone both physically and mentally.

If you tend to get bored easily, Kore also offers Crossfit, bootcamp, and even kickboxing classes to mix things up.

Additionally, they have a lineup of virtual classes if you prefer working out from home.

9Round Fitness

Want to melt away the day's stress in just 30 minutes? 9Round offers a fun, fast-paced workout for you.

This popular kickboxing gym will have you drenched in sweat within half an hour, making it ideal for busy moms or working professionals.

It’s an excellent cardio workout and a fantastic way to burn fat—and your worries! With locations across Jeddah, Riyadh, and the Eastern Province for both men and women, it’s something you must try at least once.


Combining a traditional spin class with boxing, this ladies' fitness studio in Riyadh offers a killer calorie burn and an incredibly fun experience! Known for its high adrenaline classes, SPNBX helps you torch fat and build strength with every ride.

Bounce Fit

This class is just as fun as it sounds. Not set in a traditional gym environment, Bounce Fit is offered at the popular Bounce trampoline parks in Jeddah and Riyadh.

It feels more like bouncing around than doing a hardcore workout, but don’t be fooled—it’s a fantastic way to get fit!

"Jumping on trampolines is an incredible workout; NASA has even described it as the most effective form of exercise devised by man," says Bounce. This exercise can reportedly burn more calories than running!

Whether you’re looking to torch calories, build muscle, or simply have fun, these gyms in Saudi Arabia offer exciting options to help you get back in shape.

From Crossfit and kickboxing to spinning and trampoline workouts, there’s something for everyone. Try one today and make fitness a fun part of your routine!

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