Gen Z Embraces Gym Culture: Report

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In the rush to attract Gen Z, fitness brands have valid reasons for their efforts. 

According to ABC Fitness, most Gen Z individuals are active, with 73% being members or users of health clubs, gyms, or studios.

ABC Fitness has shared insightful data about Gen Z, highlighting their significant potential to positively impact the fitness and wellness industry.

Known as “Generation Active,” Gen Z’s global spending power is expected to reach $12 trillion by 2030, potentially making them the wealthiest generation worldwide, per NielsenIQ (NIQ) and World Data Lab (WDL).

Among those aged 18-24, ABC Fitness found that 40% of young consumers identify as ‘wellness lovers' and 30% as ‘fitness explorers.’

Their primary goals are weight loss and maintaining or improving mental health.

A significant portion of Gen Z, about 66%, remains active, with 73% being members or users of health clubs, gyms, or studios.

Nearly half of them (48%) visit these facilities 4-8 times per month.

Traditional health clubs attract the largest segment of Gen Z (38%), followed by fitness training studios (29%), YMCA/YWCA/JCC locations (26%), and community recreation centers (25%).

Within these facilities, 58% of Gen Z prefer to work out alone, while 38% seek guidance from personal trainers.

Additionally, 33% enjoy recreational and sports activities, and 27% participate in group exercise classes.

ABC Fitness reports that over half (56%) of Gen Z uses wearable technology.

NIQ and WDL support this finding, indicating that over 50% have used a fitness or exercise app, and 17% have used a fitness band to track their health and fitness data.

This information is part of a broader study by ABC Fitness on fitness and wellness trends.

Encouragingly, ABC Fitness’ report also reveals that 12% of non-fitness facility users plan to join a facility this year.

The Race to Win Over Gen Z

Leading fitness brands are keenly aware of Gen Z’s growing influence and are striving to connect with them on platforms like TikTok.

This is where trends like “cozy cardio,” “Pilates princess,” and the “30-30-30” method originate.

Peloton has tapped into this by creating co-branded fitness content for TikTok, introducing its home-based fitness brand to a new audience.

Some companies are also focusing on fostering real-life connections.

For instance, Adidas Training partnered with Bumble earlier this year to help fitness enthusiasts meet and combat “gymintimidation.”

NIQ’s chief communication officer, Marta Cyhan-Bowles, underscores the importance of engaging with Gen Z.

“Gen Z is the most connected, largest, and influential generation yet,” she says.

“They will have fewer children later in life, possess unprecedented spending power, and prioritize health and wellness more than previous generations.

Our analysis is clear: investing in Gen Z today will yield significant returns tomorrow.”

Source: athletechnews

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