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Hopefully, exercise is a positive influence in your life. You should find yourself more energized and fitter because of it. Weight loss and weight management should be easier, and you should have greater musculature because of it.


However, things are rarely this simple. It’s all too common for people to find their fitness goals growing ever more unattainable: we don’t see the results we want at gyms in Dubai, and we cannot understand why. Luckily, there are some common errors that are easy to overlook, but, once you know what they are, are also easy enough to rectify.


Let’s look at 3 of them today.


Top 3 reasons


1. Your goal is too vague or is unattainable


This is a big one. It’s common for personal trainers to ask their clients what their goals are, only to be met with a shrug, or a half answer like ‘I just want to be a bit fitter, you know…’


Let’s put the idea of ‘working out’ and ‘exercising’ to bed.

When you head to a gym in Dubai, you are training. You are setting yourself down a definite path, with a definite goal, and everything you do is a step towards achieving that goal.


Set yourself a clear goal at the outset. If you want to lose weight, great. But set yourself a target. 3kg in the next two months or get your BMI down from 29 to 24 over the next six months: perfect. If you want to get stronger, that’s fantastic. Don’t just say ‘I want to be stronger.’ Work out that you want to add 10% weight to your squat and deadlift over the next two months.


Your goals need to be measurable and time specific.


They also need to be attainable. You do not want to try losing 20kg in a month. You don’t want to tell yourself that you’ll triple your bench press this year. Doing so will only lead to failure and, often, you’ll either burn out trying to hit your goal, or you’ll throw the towel in and make no progress whatsoever.


If you don’t know what constitutes a reasonable goal, it’s always a good idea to book a consultation with a personal trainer. Even if you just see them a couple of times, they will be able to help you define a clear, manageable, realistic and realisable set of goals.


2. Your diet is wrong

Let’s nip this in the bud, too. Just as we don’t ‘work out’, but rather we ‘train’, so too do we need to lose the idea of ‘dieting’. You don’t have a ‘diet’, you have a nutrition plan.

Food is there to nourish you appropriately and to take you towards your goals.


There are many reasons your nutrition could be off. However, there are a few basics to bear in mind. First, try to eat whole foods as often as possible. If you can, prepare everything yourself. Second, use a BMR calculator to work out how many calories and how much of each macronutrient you need.


There is no point embarking on a weight loss exercise regime if you’re overeating by 1000 calories every day. There is no point trying to build muscle or strength if you’re eating half the amount of protein you need. Get it right at the beginning and success will follow.


Again, if you’re struggling here, try chatting to one of the many personal trainers in Dubai. They will be able to work out everything you need and may even have a few sample meal plans for you. Straighten out your nutrition and your goals will be much more easily met.


3. You don’t know how to write an exercise plan

Of course, you don’t: who does? Well, fitness experts and personal trainers, actually.


If you’re just hitting the gym at random, working up a sweat doing whatever takes your fancy, there is a very low chance that you’ll end up doing what you need to be doing, to the intensity and volume required, whilst honoring progressive overload. You need a game plan in order to get it right and succeed.


Let’s start small. How do you structure an individual training session? Well, start with large compound movements and heavyweight. Then, go for lighter weights, at higher rep ranges, for isolation and assistance work. Finish off with some conditioning.


On a larger scale, you will want to make sure that you’re always hitting progressive overload. This could be linear: you lift more each week than you did the previous week. This works well for beginners, though less so for more seasoned athletes. As you progress, perhaps consider working in waves, oscillating intensities.


Once more, if you don’t know how to structure your training, speak to a professional. Find a personal trainer in Bur Dubai: they will be able to write you a decent workout plan that lasts several months, all for just a couple of hours work and pay.


Get these things right, with good quality goals, your nutrition (diet) on point, and a good training plan, and weight loss, strength, muscles gains, or whatever other aims you may have will be achievable.