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Thinking about attending fitness classes? They can be a great addition to your weekly timetable for a number of reasons and a fantastic way to get well fit in the UAE.


In this day and age there are so many classes you can attend which cater to all tastes and abilities. Whether you are looking to improve your flexibility, balance or strength and endurance there is a fitness class to suit you.


So, what are the main benefits of fitness classes? Let’s take a look…


Great for meeting people 


Fitness classes are a fantastic way to meet people! They can be social hubs where you can meet like-minded people with similar goals and lifestyles to your own. Quite often exercising on your own can get a little boring if you prefer company. Fitness classes are great places for both social interaction and getting fit at the same time! 


You’re accountable 


Signing up for a class is a great way of holding yourself accountable, you can schedule your class in your diary and ensure you attend. You can get organised and decide which classes you want to attend at the start of the week and organise your social and work life around them! 


A solid hour of exercise 


Attending a fitness class is a great way to get a set amount of exercise. It’s all too easy to rock up the gym or your local fitness centre and just potter about for a short while and then leave. A fitness class means you will be exercising solidly for the whole duration of the class and your instructor will ensure you keep going!


Variety is the spice of life! 


The great thing about fitness classes is the variety you can enjoy. There really is something for everyone! From yoga classes, Pilates and stretch to high-octane plyometric classes, abs circuits, spin and everything in between! 


Fitness classes are great for motivation because all you have to do is turn up and then enjoy a structured workout by a fitness professional. 


If you haven’t tried a fitness class before it's about time you gave them a go and start reaping the benefits.