Gym Design Trends 2024: The Future of Fitness

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Embracing the Future of Fitness:

As the health and fitness industry continues to transform rapidly, it's essential for gym owners and operators to stay at the forefront of innovation.

By understanding and adopting the latest gym design trends for 2024, they can enhance customer experiences and tap into new opportunities in this dynamic field.

So what’s ‘in’ for 2024?

IndigoFitness predict an even bigger shift towards recovery on the gym floor.  

Lets unpack the gym design trends that promise to reshape training spaces and inspire your business strategy in new year.

Here are the gym design trends the IndigoFitness team expect to see evolving the gym space in 2024:

1: Recovery Becomes the Main Focus

Consider this:

where do your clients recover after their workout?

Are they in the way?

Do they jump straight in the car?

Or do you offer a designated recovery space within your facility?

In 2024, the fitness landscape is evolving to meet the holistic needs of individuals who seek not only intense training sessions but a lifestyle approach to wellness.

Recognising recovery as an integral aspect of the training space is key to unlocking your clients' full potential, enhancing performance, and minimising the risk of injuries.


To stand out in this dynamic era, anticipate a surge in brands and facilities dedicating more of the gym floor specifically for recovery.

It goes beyond the basic offerings of stretching mats, foam rollers, and lacrosse balls.

Picture an environment where recovery is elevated with state-of-the-art services, ranging from red light therapy to compression treatments and cold therapy.

The challenge is not just about providing recovery options but ensuring your members choose to recover within your gym rather than seeking comprehensive wellness suites elsewhere.

Anticipate a shift as operators and independent gyms adopt strategic recovery approaches aimed at enhancing overall performance and health.

It's about creating a training space that goes beyond short-term results, attracting a steady stream of consumers committed to long-term well-being.

2: Upgrade Your Studio Experience

Across the UK, millions are joining group sessions not only for a good workout but to acquire new skills and forge connections.

Is your studio as flexible as it could be?

Enhance the full potential of your studio space by addressing the challenge of incorporating different types of equipment.

The dilemma often lies with space efficiency, hindering the creation of a schedule packed with diverse classes. Enter IndigoFitness.

IndigoFitness create flexible studio spaces that transition between strength, HIIT, combat, cycle, yoga, and every conceivable revenue-generating class—all within one adaptable environment.

In the pursuit of studio optimisation in 2024, don’t just offer a workout but an immersive experience.

Let your studio be the focal point of diversity, attracting members with a range of preferences.

FYI: IndigoFitness have already started to design and successfully implement multi-use gym studio class concepts with Les Mills and Bannatyne.

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3: Integrate Hybrid Training Methods

Hybrid training is not just a combination of exercises.

It’s a strength and endurance training method for performance results.

Hybrid training aims to create a well-rounded athletic ability.

The momentum behind hybrid training can be attributed to influences like CrossFit and HYROX.

The variety and challenges keep workouts engaging, stimulating, and mentally rewarding.

The combinations of cardio and strength exercises within a single workout mean the traditional gym floor layout is not practical for a seamless workout.

In your gym design strategy for new year, consider layouts that can deliver sessions tailored to training for these events and handle the demands of hybrid training.

We aim to create modern training spaces that seamlessly transition between strength, cardiovascular, and gymnastics movements.

Adopt an environment that delivers the diversity of hybrid training, providing fitness enthusiasts with a well-rounded and time-effective workout experience.

As hybrid training positions itself as a fitness fundamental, your gym design layout in 2024 will be significant in supporting this approach.


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Your future members are drawn to visually appealing spaces

Creating a distinctive and appealing training space is essential for attracting and retaining clients.

Raise your gym’s brand identity through bespoke gym design solutions.

From choosing the colour of your gym flooring to deciding how frequently your logo appears across gym equipment.

It’s all about curating an environment that reflects the essence of your brand.

In your gym design strategy for 2024, raise your gym’s brand identity with custom designs, creating a unique and memorable space.

The personal touch could significantly strengthen your brand reach.

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