Gym Mom's Amazing Transformation: See Her Before the Ripped Six-Pack

Mom Amazing Transformation


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Many of us admire the toned bodies we see on social media, wishing we could look the same.

Yet, not too long ago, one popular influencer had a very different appearance.

Shannon Collins, 44, also known as The Gym Nurse to her 150,000 Instagram followers, is now famous for her fitness tips and flaunting her abs.

But there was a time when she looked nothing like she does today.

Even though her body is now super toned, she hasn't always looked as trim.

Back in 2016 she looked unrecognisable, and then she started focusing on something that changed her life.

The mum revealed just how far she's come in the last eight years as well as making a big confession lifting weights formed a big part of her progress.

Even when she was trying to lose weight, she still focused on building her strength.

Perhaps that's why her tummy looks so toned, as abs like those don't come without a lot of hard work.

Shannon said a common "myth" that circulates with women is that they shouldn't lift weights when they're trying to lose fat, and she said it's not true.

Focusing on strength is important, as is ensuring you eat enough of the right foods to fuel your body.

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