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In a groundbreaking move for the regional health and wellness sector, GymNation, the UAE's top gym chain, has entered into a partnership with the leading mental health and wellbeing provider, The LightHouse Arabia.

The collaboration aims to promote mental health awareness and reduce stigma while emphasizing the mutual benefits of physical exercise and psychological well-being.

The LightHouse Arabia will extend its support to GymNation's community of over 70,000 members across the UAE by inviting them to participate in its ongoing series of free monthly community webinars and various support groups.

These webinars address crucial topics such as stress management, coping strategies, and the mental health benefits of exercise, aligning with The LightHouse Arabia's mission to make mental health services accessible to everyone.

Additionally, practical wellbeing tips will be shared throughout the GymNation community and displayed on GymNation's platforms.

William Dean, GymNation's UAE Country Director, expressed his excitement about the partnership, saying, "Partnering with The LightHouse Arabia is a significant milestone for us at GymNation.

We've always aimed to make fitness more affordable, accessible, and enjoyable for everyone, and now we're enhancing this by incorporating mental health.

This partnership allows us to offer a holistic wellness solution that fully meets the needs of our members and the community we've built at GymNation, where physical fitness and mental health are intertwined."

Dr. Robert Chandler, Clinical Psychologist and Managing Director of The LightHouse Arabia, also shared his perspective.

"The link between physical and mental health is undeniable. Through our collaboration with GymNation, we are dedicated to bringing our mental health expertise to a broader audience.

Our shared vision for fostering a healthier, more resilient community is our top priority, and we are excited about the positive impact we can create together."

Source: gulfnews

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