GymNation's $25 Million Expansion with Ruya Partners to Transform Fitness in UAE and Saudi

Ruya Partners And Gymnation


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GymNation Secures $25 Million Private Credit Investment for Expansion

In a recent interview on "Starting Up With Virtuzone," a popular radio show on Dubai Eye, GymNation's latest milestone was revealed: a $25 million private credit investment from Ruya Partners. This substantial investment is set to fuel GymNation's ambitious expansion plans in both Saudi Arabia and the UAE, reflecting their commitment to making top-notch fitness facilities accessible to a broader audience.


A Partnership Rooted in Vision and Technology

Omar Al Yawar, a partner at Ruya Partners, highlighted the unique aspects that set GymNation apart from other fitness brands. Unlike typical gyms that open one or two locations, GymNation's founders are deeply involved in the operations, driving the business with passion and innovative use of technology. This hands-on approach ensures that every new gym is meticulously planned and executed, treating each location as a "new baby."


Leveraging Technology for Growth

One of the standout features of GymNation is their use of technology to streamline operations and enhance member experience. From tracking member engagement to predicting customer needs, GymNation's tech-savvy approach allows them to scale effectively while maintaining high standards of service. Their head office in Dubai operates with a level of precision akin to a NASA control center, monitoring every aspect of the business in real-time.


Expansion Strategy: UAE and Saudi Arabia

The $25 million investment will be instrumental in GymNation's expansion strategy. While a significant portion of the growth will focus on Saudi Arabia, the UAE will also see new locations. The plan includes opening 12 new gyms in 2024 alone, aiming to double their membership from the current 80,000. This expansion is not just about increasing numbers but also about maintaining the quality and affordability that GymNation is known for.


Why GymNation?

Omar Al Yawar explained why Ruya Partners chose to invest in GymNation over other potential fitness brands. The decision was driven by GymNation's innovative approach, their founders' involvement, and their ability to combine affordability with high-quality facilities. GymNation's large-format gyms, equipped with top-tier equipment and ample parking, make them a standout choice for fitness enthusiasts in both the UAE and Saudi Arabia.


The Future of Fitness in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia's fitness market is burgeoning, driven by a young, affluent population keen on improving their health and wellness. GymNation's entry into this market comes at an opportune time, leveraging their successful model from the UAE to cater to the growing demand for affordable, high-quality fitness options. The focus is not just on aesthetics but on overall well-being, making fitness a sustainable lifestyle choice.


Final Thoughts

The partnership between GymNation and Ruya Partners exemplifies how innovative business models combined with strategic investment can drive significant growth. As GymNation continues to expand, their commitment to quality, affordability, and technological integration will likely set new standards in the fitness industry across the region.