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Since its inception in 2017, the UAE-based fitness brand GymNation has expanded to 12 locations, with another dozen in the process of being set up, boasting over 65,000 members. This makes it the largest and most successful gym in the UAE.

Following a management buyout, GymNation is now poised for its next growth phase, focusing on further expansion within the UAE and the broader region.

 Mullen Lowe MENA was engaged to refine GymNation's brand positioning by dispelling common gym stereotypes and making fitness more approachable, affordable, accessible, and enjoyable, regardless of one’s fitness goals.

The new brand strategy positions GymNation as the region's go-to partner for promoting active and healthy lifestyles, emphasizing mental health and positive thinking.

With April Fool’s Day approaching, GymNation's challenger brand ethos presented a perfect opportunity to communicate this new positioning in an engaging manner.

Instead of opting for a flashy stunt, MullenLowe sought to create a campaign aligned with GymNation's broader goals and mindset.

The concept was straightforward: while many in the Middle East may not have visited a gym yet, most have been to a coffee shop.

 Thus, introducing The Daily Grind café—the world’s first fit-café powered by its customers and staff.

This café promotes active lifestyles by turning every sip and bite into a workout, featuring a queuing system that encourages running while you wait and espressos that require physical effort to grind fresh coffee beans.

Through a pre-teaser campaign and a creative reveal on April 1st, the initiative garnered over 170 million media impressions, secured more than 500 pieces of global coverage, achieved over 1.5 million views across GymNation’s social platforms, and even inspired hundreds to sign up for a free seven-day gym pass.

Loren Holland, founder and CEO of GymNation, remarked, “This campaign goes beyond an April Fool’s prank. It demonstrates how creativity can significantly drive a new business proposition and narrative. We believe this is just the beginning of an exciting period for us, with creative bravery at the forefront as we strive to make gym-going less intimidating, more affordable, accessible, and fun for everyone, regardless of their fitness goals.”

Matt Butterworth, regional managing director of MullenLowe, added, “It’s fantastic to work with a bold, disruptive client who fosters creativity and collaboration.

 While there’s a lot of serious work being done in this region, this campaign proves that we can also have fun, be creative, and build a disruptive, fame-making brand that truly supports the creative process and the team involved.”

Source: lbbonline

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