Does High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Really Reverse Signs of Ageing?

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Research has shown that two adult groups divided into groups, 18-to-30-year olds and 65-80-year olds. Each individual within those groups were then given one of three workout regimes that took place across 12 weeks. These included HIIT Workouts, cycling, strength training or a combination of the two.


Each training type showed an improved level of lean body mass along with insulin sensitivity, but interestingly, only HIIT and combined training improved aerobic capacity and mitochondrial function for skeletal muscle. A drop in mitochondrial content and function are very common in older adults.


The popular fitness programme also improved muscle protein content that not only enhances energy levels but also helped produce larger muscles, particularly in the older adult group.


The researchers concluded that HIIT significantly improves the cellular machinery responsible for making new proteins. That, in turn, contributes to protein synthesis which can reverse the adverse effects of ageing. Adding resistance training, however, is important to achieve significant muscle strength.


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