How to gain muscle while fasting

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1. Gain/Maintain muscle


Given the changes to diet and meal timing during Ramadan, muscle gain might not be as easy as they do when not fasting but it’s important to keep your muscles active. This full-body muscle maintenance workout will help your muscles be prepared for when you are physically able to up the intensity again.


■ Duration: 35-45 minutes
■ Intensity:low to medium
■ Leg press machine 3x 8-12 reps
■ Leg extension machine 3x 8-12 reps
■ Lying leg curl machine 3x 8-12 reps
■ Standing calf press 3x 8-12 reps
■ Tri-set exercises all focusing on pushing — Dumbbell shoulder press, Incline chest press and Chest press 3x 8-10 reps per set
■ Lat Pulldown Triset 3x 8-12 reps using all three angles of the Lat pulldown bar completed back to back



2. Cardio/Endurance


Don’t let your lungs and heart slack without exercise during Ramadan. A simple cardio workout like the one outlined below will help maintain your cardio fitness levels and burn some serious calories.


■ Duration: 30-45 minutes
■ Intensity: low to medium
■ Warm-up on the exercise bike 5 mins
■ Incline walk on treadmill 15 mins
■ Cross trainer 10 minutes medium pace and intensity
■ Stair climber 5 minutes
■ Cool down on bike 5 minutes medium to low intensity



3. Core


Maintaining a strong core is essential anytime of the year. Ensure you get some kind of core workout, similar to the one recommended below, every 2-3 days to help keep your posture strong and stable.


■ Duration: 30 minutes
■ Intensity: low to medium
■ Back extension 3x 8-12 reps
■ Plank 6 x 30 seconds on/off intervals
■ Side plank 3x 30 seconds each side
■ Medicine ball Russian twists 3x 20 reps
■ Knee crunches 3x20 reps
■ Mountain climbers 6x 30 seconds on/off interval



4. Fat burning


This workout focused on burning fat is not only a great cardio exercise but the medium intensity will help you to burn off excess calories and contribute towards your fat loss goals.


■ Duration: 30-45 minutes
■ Intensity: low to medium
■ Jumping Jacks 4x 20reps
■ Box step-ups 4x30 seconds on/off intervals
■ Beginner burpees (elevated or ground) 4x 15 reps
■ Side steps on box 4x 30 seconds on/off intervals
■ Ventral Jacks 4x20 reps
■ Battle rope waves 4x30 seconds on/off intervals



5. Bodyweight training


Can’t make it to the Gym every day? No problem. Whether you are traveling or just working out at home or in a park, a bodyweight workout similar to the below requires minimal equipment but will still give you great results.


■ Duration: 30-40 minutes
■ Intensity:low to medium
■ Air squats 3x 15-20 reps
■ Plank 4x30 seconds on/off intervals
■ Press ups of different variations 3x 10-15 reps
■ Pull ups/assisted pull ups 3x 5-10 reps
■ Standing alternate lunges 3x 20 reps
■ Hand plank standing opposite mountain climbers 3x 20 reps
■ Step box triceps dips 3x 10 reps
■ TRX bicep curls 3x10 reps


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