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Dubai is known for its luxurious and extravagant lifestyle, and ice baths are the latest trend to hit this glamorous city.

Ice bath in Dubai, is a form of cold water therapy, involves submerging your body in cold water, often with added ice cubes, for several minutes.

This practice has been used for centuries by athletes and fitness enthusiasts worldwide, but recently it has gained popularity as a wellness treatment.

The Tradition of Cold Water Therapies

For centuries, cultures around the world have embraced the healing properties of cold water.

From Scandinavian saunas to Japanese Ofuro bathhouses, the contrast of extreme hot and cold water has been used for rejuvenation and purification.

More recently, athletes have turned to ice baths to enhance recovery.

In a city where the pursuit of health and well-being is intertwined with luxury and innovation, it's no surprise that the tradition of cold water therapies has been reimagined in Dubai's Ice Bath experience.

The recent research by PubMed Central in 2022 (February 23)

provides an insightful overview of cryotherapy's evolution and current applications.

It delves into the use of cold treatments, such as ice packs, cold water immersion, and cold air therapy, highlighting their role in pain relief and enhanced recovery in both healthcare and sports.

The paper traces cryotherapy's roots from ancient Greece and Rome to its modern advancements and potential future developments.

Preparing for cold water immersion

Practitioners of ice baths often advise being well-hydrated and having a light meal prior to the experience.

Hydration is crucial for maintaining blood pressure, and a meal can help regulate blood sugar levels, ensuring a comfortable and safe experience.

The Bathing Process

Upon entry, the immediate reaction is one of awe: the sight of icy waters, the rush of cold air, and the anticipation of the adventure.

The submersion is a gradual process, with guests encouraged to remain present and focused, controlling their breath and grounding their thoughts in the experience.

Respect the Ritual

Each person's experience in an ice bath is deeply personal and can be a ritual of release and invigoration.

Observing silence or quiet contemplation during the process is common, allowing each visitor the space to connect with their inner journey.

Safety First

The safety and well-being of all guests are paramount. Observe all facility rules and staff instructions, as they are designed to ensure the best experience for everyone.

Pay attention to your body's signals and communicate any discomfort or need for assistance.

As Dubai residents increasingly ask themselves, 'Where can I find an ice bath near me?', GymNation steps in to provide the answer with a guide to:

Best places to try an ice bath in Dubai

Dubai, a city known for its luxurious lifestyle and innovative wellness approaches, offers some of the most exceptional ice bath experiences.

These facilities stand as beacons of wellness, providing unique and unparalleled experiences that cater to both relaxation and rejuvenation.

If you're looking to explore the invigorating world of cold baths, here are the top destinations in Dubai that promise an unforgettable experience:

Longevity Sports, Umm Suqeim main street

Contact Information

Address: Umm Suqeim main street, opposite creative Minds, Warehouse # S6 Immediately Before RAK Ceramics, Dubai

Phone: +971 54 565 6021


Ice Baths price: AED115.50

Ice Bath Dubai at Longevity Sports

With years of experience consulting elite athletes, Longevity Sports brings cutting-edge water temperature control technology to wellness enthusiasts around the globe.

Their innovative technology allows health and fitness enthusiasts to effectively harness the scientific advantages of cold water immersion (CWI) and combine it with proven breathing techniques, unlocking the untapped potential for deep body recovery.

CONTRAST, Golden Mile 6

Contact Information

Address: 445W+78, The Palm Jumeirah, Dubai

Phone: +971 56 401 1162


Ice Baths price: From AED 95

Ice Bath Dubai at CONTRAST

When it comes to CONTRAST, it's about more than just reducing inflammation and bolstering the immune, lymphatic, circulatory, and digestive systems.

Taking ice baths elevates your overall life quality. Due to the cold temperatures, they boost your mood, improve sleep, and increase efficiency throughout the entire body.

Ideal after a sauna session, you can enhance your wellbeing through the advantages of contrast therapy.

CONTRAST also provides options like an infrared sauna, a traditional sauna, or even purchasing your own ice bath to use at home.

Refive spa, Palm Jumeirah

Contact Information

Address: FIVE Palm Jumeirah Dubai

Phone: 044 55 9964


Ice Baths price: AED 125

Ice Bath Dubai at Refive spa

Visit the spa at FIVE Palm Jumeirah for a personalized ice bath session This experience involves immersing yourself for up to 15 minutes in a bathtub filled with water maintained at a chilly 6-7 degrees (not exactly an ice bath, but sufficiently cold).

Additionally, the session includes a guided deep breathing exercise to enhance your experience while you're in the water.

Samadhi Wellness, Jumeirah

Contact Information

Address: 491b Jumeirah St., Jumeirah, Dubai

Phone: 04 323 5354


Ice Baths price: AED 67

Ice Bath Dubai at Samadhi Wellness

At Samadh Wellness, you can enjoy an ice bath session lasting 15-20 minutes.

Additionally, their wellness center offers a range of other treatments.

Plus, every yoga class pass comes with complimentary access to an ice bath, sauna, and outdoor pool.

endorphins method, Umm Suqeim

Contact Information

Address: 59 Al Manara Rd., Umm Suqeim 1, Dubai

Phone: +971 50 881 8735


Ice Baths price: AED 250

Ice Bath Dubai at endorphins method

Previously operating under the name CoolOutBreathIn, this location now offers rejuvenating cold water immersion led by the enthusiastic life coach, Benoit Demeulemeester.

The ice bath sessions begin with breathing exercises and conclude with a relaxing sauna experience, complemented by healthy snacks.

Additionally, they organize pop-up ice bath events at various beaches in Dubai and occasionally in Abu Dhabi.

Excellency Center

Contact Information

Address: Building B201, The Opus by Omniyat, Al A'amal St., Business Bay, Dubai

Phone: +971 50 881 8735


Ice Baths price: AED 120

Ice Bath Dubai at Excellency Center

Provides a pre-bookable ice bath experience where you can immerse yourself in a bathtub brimming with ice, guided by an expert throughout.

Every Sunday, renowned breathing coach and acclaimed Elisabeth Bohler walks you through the advantages of this practice before leading a 3-minute dip in 0-degree water.

Elisabeth's method, both gentle and decisive, and her supportive mantra make the experience accessible and manageable, even for the most skeptical participants.

Ice bath FAQ'S

What is the ice bath therapy?

Ice bath therapy or cold therapy, is a routine often practiced after intense physical activity where a significant portion of the body is submerged in an ice or ice water bath for a brief period.

What is the price of an ice bath in Dubai?

The cost of an ice bath in Dubai varies depending on the location, but it typically ranges between AED 100 to 300.

How long should I sit in an ice bath?

Aim to remain in the ice bath as long as possible to achieve the desired temperature, but make sure not to stay longer than 15 minutes.

Do ice baths benefit blood circulation?

When exposed to cold water, your body enters a "survival mode," striving to maintain its core body temperature. This triggers an increase in blood flow circulation. Enhanced circulation helps in redistributing blood and supplying oxygen-rich blood to body parts that require recovery.

Is a cold shower as effective as an ice bath?

An ice bath or plunge will cool your core temperature and trigger more blood flow to your core. but taking a cold shower won't do the same.

Do ice baths benefit blood vessels?

When you sit in an ice bath or rub ice on your sore muscles, the cold causes your blood vessels to constrict. This constriction of the blood vessels helps in flushing out lactic acid and other toxins from your sore muscles.