IFBB Academy Dubai Drives Bodybuilding Growth

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Professor Mauricio De Arruda receives a token of appreciation from Abdul Karim Mohamed Saeed, with Engineer Walid Abdul Karim Muhammad Saeed, Dr. Wesam Abdulkarim, and Captain Mohammed Abdulkarim in attendance.

Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

Professor Mauricio De Arruda, the President of the Brazilian Federation of Fitness and Bodybuilding and the director of the IFBB Education & Research Commission, has lauded the crucial role of the IFBB Fitness and Sports Academy in the Arabian Gulf, headquartered in Dubai.

He stressed the academy's impact on promoting a fitness and bodybuilding culture with updated technical and physical standards, which have significantly reshaped sports practices.

During a recent meeting in Dubai with Colonel (Ret.) Abdul Karim Mohamed Saeed, Chairman of the IFBB Fitness and Sports Academy Dubai, Prof. De Arruda extended his support and appreciation for the academy based in Dubai.

This gesture acknowledges the academy's pivotal role in advancing the careers of fitness and bodybuilding trainers and judges throughout the Arabian Gulf.

The meeting also featured discussions on key reports documenting the academy's success in training fitness and bodybuilding coaches from various countries.


The gathering coincided with the organization of the IFBB Fitness and Sports Academy Dubai’s Level 5 course, which took place in Dubai over two days, attracting wide participation from sports trainers worldwide.

The course lectures were delivered by Prof. De Arruda, together with Engineer Walid Abdul Karim Muhammad Saeed, general manager of the IFBB Fitness and Sports Academy in Dubai.

Colonel (Ret.) Abdulkarim expressed that the commendation and support from the President of the Brazilian Federation boosted the motivation and confidence of the academy's staff, inspiring them to continue their successful path.

He mentioned that Prof. De Arruda recommended expanding the academy's reach to all Middle Eastern countries to cultivate outstanding trainers who will elevate standards in line with the aspirations of regional champions.

He underscored the importance of bringing in international expertise to enhance the scientific and professional levels of the trainers, which helps advance training methods, especially with the growing demand for participation in the academy's courses.


Source: gulftoday

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