Important of using a BMI Calculator



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Body Mass Index is a simple calculation used to measure the approximate amount of fat in our bodies. This helps Gyms in Dubai to personally customise a workout and nutrition plan for you. However, it is not the most precise way to measure your body's fat— some doubt the importance of BMIs in the life of an athlete or a sports enthusiast.  


Many things are considered, such as the age of an examined individual or their gender, if the individual is under 21.



What is Body Mass Index (BMI)?


BMI or Body Mass Index is an indicator of an individual's body fat. A mathematical formula is used to calculate it: BMI equals the individual’s squared height divided by their weight. 


BMI is not a diagnostic tool, and it is not always entirely accurate, yet it is your height in balance with your weight.


BMI is used as a screening tool to determine if there are indicators of a health risk related to body fat mass. If there are suspicions of a health risk, the body mass index serves for further, more accurate research. 


Its purpose is to measure the body fat ratio that can be healthy, overweight, obese, and underweight according to the individual’s height. 


The average measurement varies depending on your location, race, gender, age, and such. The obesity rate in the world is rising, which is one of the reasons for the increased ratio of deaths caused by heart stroke.


BMI Calculator


The mentioned formula calculates the approximated body fat. It can also be computed using a BMI chart, which is an illustrated version of the BMI formula. 


The problem with the BMI calculator for men and the BMI calculator for women is that it does not take into account the musculature or the position of the fat mass. 


Knowing the position of the fat mass is important because, in different places, it can cause various issues from higher blood pressure, breathing problems, to some severe cardiovascular disease. In some areas, it can not cause any damage, yet it still increases the risk of developing some health issues.


BMI is also a useful tool for those who are starting a diet to follow their progress. Many BMI calculators are available online both for the metric and imperial system. Since this is a simple formula, you have no reason to doubt the accuracy.   


A healthy body mass for an average adult is 18.5-24.9. There is no difference between men and women older than 21.


Gender Oriented Calculators


There are varieties and different body types. The main variation is the gender difference, yet the BMI rate difference itself is not so significant. Of course, there are some imperfections with the BMI calculator. Mainly, the differences between men and women are enormous when it comes to nutrition and body health. 


 A) BMI Calculator  for Men 


Considered a healthy BMI rate for men is 18.5-24.9, while underweight is everything bellow 18.5 – overweight varies from 25 – 29.9 and obese starts from 30.0. The average BMI for men according to the examination from 2016 in the world is 24.5. Before that, in the 1970s, the average BMI was 21.


 B) BMI Calculator for Women 


A healthy BMI for adult women is generally equal to men, yet the average BMI of women in the world today is 27.8, according to the same examination in 2016. At the same time, the average index in the 1970s was 26.6.


The Body Mass Index’s primary purpose is to examine if there is a problem with your metabolism. Having the BMI score above the average degree can determine if you are overweight.


If you are crossing the overweight/obesity line or the healthy/underweight line, there is a reason to knock on the doctors’ door. 


Why Is It Important to Know the Result?


Body Mass Index calculation is not the most precise way to measure the relation between your height and weight, yet it is still essential to measure it every once in a while – especially if you are on a new diet or training regime. 


There is a wanted BMI for every activity, and it is not always considered “healthy.” Some will demand to gain weight or lose it; anyway, you should follow your progress to achieve your goal.


 In Conclusion


To accurately examine your fat mass, you need more tests than just the BMI calculation. That does not discredit its value, though. You can still have many benefits from it – from simply checking it once in a while to make sure you are healthy to more advanced needs such as tracking your progress to meet your goals.