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Have you been searching for a gym near me for men


Maybe you are thinking about starting weight training so are looking at getting a gym membership to embark upon your journey?


Weight training is an excellent form of exercise for guys for so many reasons. If you haven’t stepped foot into the free weights area in your gym, or even have a gym membership then it's time to man-up, pick up those dumbbells and change your life. 


You won't become an alpha male by being a cardio bunny! You need to start pumping some serious iron for a stronger body and to really utilize all that testosterone flowing through your veins! Want traps of steel? Quadzillas and a mile wide back? 


Here’s why you should start weight training…


Build a body of ART!


Your body is really the only thing you’ve got so invest you time and effort into it. A strong body looks good and it feels good. Get a gym membership and start lifting weights! Weight training will allow you to become stronger as well as sculpt those areas you might feel are problematic or small. If you are feeling good about yourself you will feel much more confident and that will show to everyone around you. Your clothes will look and feel better too! Why do you think the Greeks carved statues of muscular physiques? Because these were considered gods!


Lifting boosts testosterone – OH YES!


One of the main hormonal communicators of the muscular repair process is Testosterone. If you want to grow you need to stimulate and use your body test to the MAX!


Men have an abundance of testosterone running through their bodies that is the substance that allows you to grow new muscle. 


Studies have found that those who found that newbies to weight lifting who trained for 4 weeks with a strength-training program demonstrated a significant 40% boost in RESTING testosterone, and -24% drop in RESTING cortisol. This means more muscle growth and less stress! 


More test means more libido – It would be rude not to mention one of the huge advantages of having more testosterone – more libido. Your sex drive will go through the roof thanks to weight training; your woman will love you for it!


Weight training will boost your metabolism! 


Your body needs energy to digest food. You might not have known but every time you eat, you actually burn some of the calories you've just consumed-typically, 15 to 20%. However, researchers at the University of Nevada found that you will burn 73% more calories when you eat right after you lift weights. This means that you will keep your body fat at bay and your muscles are at the forefront! 


Recovery tools


With weight training comes a bigger need for recovery. Your body will be burning through calories like no tomorrow! It needs to repair the torn muscles and repair it's nervous system from big compound lifts! You will need to consume more calories and more healthy protein sources. You will find your sleep improves too as your body will be getting to work to repair you! Supplementing with vitamins and minerals such as omega 3’s for healthy hormone production is a must. 


Live longer!


Researchers at the University of Michigan discovered that men who performed three strength-training workouts per week for 2 months lowered their blood-pressure readings by an average of eight points. That's enough to reduce the risk of a stroke by 40%.


So, hopefully after reading this you're already googling ‘gym near me for men’ itching to go and completely smash the weights area at the gym! Grab your protein shaker, your lifting straps and go move some HEAVY S**T!