Mike Tyson's First-Ever Boxing Gym to Launch in Riyadh, Managed by World Champion Trainer Joe Gallagher

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World champion trainer Joe Gallagher to manage Mike Tyson Boxing Gym in Saudi Arabia


The world’s first Mike Tyson Boxing Gym will open in Saudi Arabia, as part of the Riyadh Season series of events.

Turki Al Alshikh, head of Riyadh Season, announced an agreement with award-winning boxing trainer Joe Gallagher to oversee the first Mike Tyson Boxing Gym.

The state-of-the-art facility will be built in Riyadh, as part of the Riyadh Season festival.

Mike Tyson Boxing Gym

Riyadh Season will host the “Battle of the Baddest” WBC boxing bout between Tyson Fury and Francis Ngannou on October 28.

Al Alshikh said: “Entertainment is a universal language, transcending conventional barriers and in turn promotes inclusion by bringing people together around a shared experience and form of art.

“That’s why we’ve made boxing such an integral part of Riyadh Season, and it’s why we’re proud to partner with Joe Gallagher on this exciting opportunity.

Riyadh Season inked a deal with Gallagher to further their commitment to boxing and entertainment in the Kingdom.

Gallagher is tasked with supervising and managing the inaugural Mike Tyson Boxing Gym.

The facility is scheduled to open next month with the remit of discovering and training a new generation of boxers.

Former World Heavyweight Champion Mike Tyson will play an active role in managing the gym.

Gallagher will be responsible for the development of teenage Saudi boxing star, Mohammad Al Aki.

Gallagher said: “It is great to be involved in such an exciting project in a growing market where boxing is really taking off.

"Saudi Arabia's ability to draw big names like Tyson Fury and Francis Ngannou for bouts in Riyadh, coupled with its collaboration with Mike Tyson for his namesake gym, underscores its dedication to positioning the Kingdom among elite nations for hosting premier events and establishing top-tier facilities."

Gallagher is an award-winning and renowned trainer with a history of working with national and world champions.


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