Learn to use resistance bands with a personal trainer

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There are plenty of gyms in Dubai with well-qualified, knowledgeable personal trainers who can put you on track for a good workout as you set out on your exercise journey. Among the many types of exercise they might give you, and amidst all the varying equipment, you will find resistance bands.


Even if you don’t have a PT- or even a membership at any of the gyms in Dubai- you can make the most out of resistance bands (though it’s always best to consult with a personal trainer.) In fact, resistance bands are a great, inexpensive way to build strength and stability, and elicit hypertrophy, from the comfort of your own home.


What are resistance bands?

Resistance bands are elastic bands that can be used to stimulate resistance in pretty much any muscle in the body. They can be used through a variety of exercises, at a variety of tensions, to do the same job as a barbell or dumbbell.


They can be used to make exercises like squats and lunges harder for the legs, push ups and lateral raises harder for the upper body, or even to make pull ups easier.


You will find a lot of different types- brands, styles, colours and so on. Generally, colour will relate to the resistance given by any band. This can vary by brand and company, so be sure to check this out before buying. If in doubt, go in-store and have a play with a few of them. Any decent fitness shop or gym should sell them.


They are great for hypertrophy, weight loss, and improving power and athleticism.


How do you exercise with resistance bands?

They are used as a form of resistance training, which includes any exercise that uses resistance or weight to build strength in your muscles. Working out with resistance bands is one option for resistance training that allows you to work out at home using just one piece of equipment, or in your nearest gym as a nice variation.


They are accessible and usable for everybody and will bring easy benefits to trainees of all levels. It may be worth booking a session or two with a personal trainer, who will be able to show you dozens of worthwhile exercises using resistance bands that will be tailored to your level and needs, whether you’re a beginner looking for weight loss, or a seasoned lifter looking for a new way to challenge your muscles.


If not, simply choose a movement. This could be a squat, or a chest press, or a step up, and rig the band to counter your direction of travel. It will give you a form of accommodating resistance, which means the movement will get harder the more stretched out the band is, giving a much-needed extra stimulation to the muscles involved.


Your gym should have a range of bands. Play with them, choosing the resistance level that best suits you. Reps of 10-12 will be appropriate for most exercised using bands: choose one that will allow you to complete this many with good form, whilst fatiguing towards the end.